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Everyone's take on recent Sonic games Due to all of the Sonic 4 crazyness...

#1 User is offline Effexor 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:30 PM

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I admit, I'm fucking confused with this fanbase. I don't get you all. One person says a game sucks while another is praising it. Unleashed is the best example of this. I have this long rant in my head, but I can't explain it in text, so I'll just get my basic question across.

What is everyone's stand on each of the recent Sonic games, starting from Adventure? Everyone has a different opinion on these, and I just want you guys to just share how you fell about each of these. You know, to get a general idea on what you want from a Sonic game (NOT SONIC 4).

Adventure 2
Unleashed (360/PS3)
Unleashed (Wii/PS2)
Advance 1
Advance 2
Advance 3
Rush Adventure

#2 User is offline jman2050 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:47 PM

  • Teh Sonik Haker
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Adventure - Good but flawed
Adventure 2 - 1/3rd of the game was very good, the other 2/3rd was okay enough
Heroes - Bad
Shadow - Haven't played it, probably won't ever
'06 - Yeesh
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Annoying is probably the best way I can describe this. The werehog is just plain bad
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - I imagine it isn't similar to the 360 version
Advance 1 - Okay at best, but quite drab and boring overall
Advance 2 - Hated it
Advance 3 - Better than the other two but still only decent at best
Rush - Liked this one quite a bit honestly
Rush Adventure - About the same as Rush

#3 User is offline RGamer2009 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:53 PM

  • True Blue
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Adventure - Played DX Version. Game was fun, Big was not.
Adventure 2 - Played 2 Battle. Sonics gameplay good. Rest BAD.
Heroes - Fun game, old-school environments, team gameplay could have been more unique per team.
Shadow - Didn't Play it. Watched my friend play it. Looked horrible.
'06 - Didn't Play it. Watched my friend play it. Looked horrible.
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Day time = AWESOME. Night = Bearable.
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Didn't Play it. Watched my friend play it. Looked horrible.
Advance 1 - Played a bit of it. Was fun and was close to Genesis style.
Advance 2 - Gameplay was definitely more linear, but was still fun. Moving bosses was a new twist.
Advance 3 - Played a bit of it. Was kinda confusing, both in gameplay and level design.
Rush - Played quite a bit. Boost was ok here, however levels were sometimes long and tedious.
Rush Adventure - Didn't Play it or see it.
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#4 User is offline Ell678 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:54 PM

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I adored Adventure 1. Now I play it, it's the best 3d Sonic. I liked SA2, and Heroes, but goddamn, I despised Shadow. This is not only the worst Sonic game I ever played, it's the worst game I have ever played. Everything about it was just wrong, so lame, so lacklustre it isn't even worth talking about.

I liked Advance 1. Fun game, as close as you could get to a Megadrive era Sonic. The others were fucking awful. I loved Rivals 1...I don't know why. It just clicked with me. It was so much fun when I played it, but the 2nd isn't so great. Still enjoyed it though. Rush was never completed, I got to the shitty sky level and gave up. It was dire. On the other hand, Rush Adventure? I loved it! It was fun, and had good level design. Still havn't got all the emeralds but I enjoyed playing through it.

And then Sonic 2006. Who could forget! I completed this game. I loved Sonic's story (probably the only completed one) but Shadow and Silver's story were appalling. Especially the desert level for Silver - that fucking boulder at the end was the worst thing I ever encountered. However. I saw the potential. It could have been Adventure 3, but was cut short. The story was good, and Mephiles is a brilliant villian, the only villian (besides Robotnik) I would be glad to see return.

Of course, Unleased is a mixed bag. I hated, hated the night levels. On the other hand, I adored the daytime stages. Every single one of them. They nearly hit the jackpot with it, just lacking multiple routes. Still, without the Werehog, it was the best Sonic game we had in a long, long time.

Now though, I'm just content to playing hacks and looking what hackers have come up with. It's far more interesting than what Sonic Team come up with.

#5 User is offline OKei 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:54 PM

  • OKeijiDragon
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Adventure - Loved it. Cherish it to this day.
Adventure 2 - Just as much. I loved the grinding parts and the music was wicked.
Heroes - Competent, IMO. Awesome beats, neat team concept.
Shadow - Lots of bugs, slippery controls (eck), cheesy music (not entirely in the good way), confusing pace. This one isn't a winner, but it's beatable.
S&TSR - I really like this game too. The controls can get confusing at first, but once you get the appropiate powers and a well organized ring, you'll do just fine. Plus the music was chessy but somewhat decent (I just love Levatated Ruin's music; while the rest sounded like typical kids crap from some Nick show).
Unleashed (360/PS3) - I only played a single one-level demo of it and I enjoyed it greatly. Can't say so much about it.
Advance 1 - Really liked it. Not Sonic 3 awesome, but I enjoyed it. Not a huge fan of the music.
Advance 2 - Better. But the Special Stages were a pain in the ass to access.

I don't understand what's up with some people here either.
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#6 User is offline MykonosFan 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:54 PM

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Kind of reminds me of the "What is RIGHT with Modern Sonic?" thread, but hey, I'll bite.


My first video game, and my first Sonic game. I feel I will be absolutely hooked on this game for life. I replay through the story fully at least 4 separate times a year, and that's if I don't try often. Honestly, the Level Design is my favorite in any 3-D Sonic, it has my favorite Soundtrack of the 3-D Games, favorite 3-D portrayals of characters (Tails anyone?), and overall just a fun game to play.

Adventure 2-

Back in the day, I loved the crap out of this game. Almost as much as Adventure 1. Overtime I came to realize how much I hated some of the stages, and realized I wasn't having any fun with the Tails/Eggman Knuckles/Rouge gameplay. Knuckles Emerald hunts were rather bearable in SA1, but here it just didn't work. Don't get me started on the Space Emerald Hunts. I completely fail at those. (And really, Knuckles jumped like, what, 2 yards to break the Master Emerald? How did they get to SPACE? psyduck.png ) It's still alright though, and I still find myself shedding a manly tear from time to time at the ending.


I kinda feel neutral about this game. I hate Tails' voice, Shadow's return (solely for making me feel stupid for shedding the tear at SA2's ending, other-wise I could care less. AKA, not too big of a deal, but worth noting), and some of the levels. Not because the design of the levels was particularly bad, I just didn't like a lot of them.

However, I did like quite a few songs from the soundtrack, and Team Sonic/Shadow's gameplay enough for it to be somewhat worthwhile to revisit from time to time.


Ugh. I didn't play this until late last year, when I bought it used for like 15 USD. Dark grungy graphics (and one of the few bright stages is that Internet Circuit thing that gives me head-aches), portrayals of Sonic characters doing things I never would have imagined them doing in my younger years (I mean, slight language, guns, wha), and a rather unmemorable soundtrack. Some of the stages just seemed so confusing. I had to have wasted half an hour on one of the ARK stages with Shadow and Maria just wondering where the hell I was supposed to go.


Oddly enough, I enjoyed this game. Enough to complete it 100%. I can still admit it was a bad game, yet...
To be completely honest? I rarely EVER experienced any glitches, of any kind. Honestly, I was looking. I found a few noticable ones, but unless people here just really have a pet peeve with it, or I was lucky enough to avoid such inconveniences, it was a problem I rarely encountered.
As a few others have stated around here, it felt like the spiritual successor to the Adventure series, from the level design, to the story. The sooundtrack was rather good as well. This is by no means a game I would recommend to a friend, but I find myself playing this game every now and then. (Namely; Wave Ocean, Crisis City, and Kingdom Valley as Sonic.)

Unleashed (360/PS3)-

This game was great in my eyes. It was a true delight to play, with some of the best visuals I had even seen on an Xbox 360. The soundtrack is the 2nd best in the Modern series (In my opinon), and the Daytime gameplay, while having the whole "HOLD X TO WIN + QUICK TIME EVENTS = PROFIT" formula, I still enjoyed it. I played it a lot over the last year.
And then there's the Werehog. I never liked the idea of it. I never want him again in a game like this unless there's more Platforming and much less Combat, but I still enjoyed it. For how out of place and un-needed it truly was, I found it to be rather enjoyable.
By far it is my 2nd favorite 3-D Sonic.

Unleashed (Wii/PS2)-

This game was alright. Too many Werehog levels for my liking (really, there were like, 4 or 5 consecutive levels for Eggmanland.), but just alright.

Advance 1-

I've had this game for a few years. I never could beat one of the last levels (the Base level, can't remember the name), but it was a pretty fun game.

Advance 2-

Haven't played it.

Advance 3-

I found this at a yard sale a few months back for 3 USD. I can't say I like it. I don't know what it is about it...I just feel like I never truly know where I am in a level, and that frustrates me to no end in Platforming games.

Rush Adventure -

Haven't played either of those. Hope to sometime though.
So yeah.

#7 User is offline Columind 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:56 PM

  • Geistbox
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Adventure - Nostalgia fuel. Great for what it was, aged horribly.
Adventure 2 - Better longevity than Adventure and thank god for no hubs.
Heroes - This could have been actually decent without the tag-team gameplay.
Shadow - Shit
'06 - Hahahahahahaha
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Werehog is shit but Dayhog is probably the best Sonic gameplay in 3D I will ever come to experience.
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Never played, looks outright inferior.
Advance 1 - Simplicity at best. Damn enjoyable.
Advance 2 - Kind of enjoyed it.
Advance 3 - Vastly tilting opinion between above average and below.
Rush - Honestly for the romp-through boost fest it was I found it quite enjoyable. The first playthrough.
Rush Adventure - Never played, don't intend to.

#8 User is offline DigitalDuck 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:59 PM

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Adventure - good. The six characters on offer all had varying gameplay, and the levels were bright and varied. Level design was good, but lacked a little of the momentum-based gameplay seen in the previous Sonic games.

Adventure 2 - okay. The six characters on offer (well, main characters) have been split into two groups of three, with each Dark character being a re-skin of a Hero character. Luckily, this wasn't an issue, as the levels tended to be completely different on each side. The levels were still bright and varied, but the level design was linear, and relied too much on grinding.

Heroes - okay. The four teams play almost identically to each other, with almost identical layouts. The first 3D game to have levels that actually look Sonic-y, but again suffered from bad level design.

Shadow - terrible. Nothing more to add.

'06 - mediocre. They tried to recreate Sonic Adventure, but failed by forgetting to implement a physics engine. The nine characters did play differently, but were on the verge of becoming too similar. The game either played itself or killed itself, with user input hardly affecting the game at all. Sonic's Crisis City was a standout moment, and for me is what stops this game from being terrible.

Unleashed (360/PS3) - amazing. My favourite of all in this list. The Werehog sections were well made, if a little long and tedious, and did well to break up the daytime gameplay. I still don't see why Knuckles couldn't be used there, though. Combat was responsive, and did manage (just) to avoid random button-bashing. The daytime stages, while being based mainly on speed, are just incredible. They have lots of different routes, some with their own rewards, and actually had quite a bit of momentum-based physics going on. Unfortunately, while the boost is good, it's far too easy to hold the boost down almost at the start, and not run out throughout the entire level. The levels, while based on real places, are still zany enough to look right with Sonic running through them.

Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - good. Most of what I said about the 360 version applies here, except that the Werehog sections were a lot longer, making them more tedious, and the daytime stages were more linear with less momentum-based stuff.

Advance 1 - good. This was, essentially, Sonic 3 & Knuckles Game Boy Advance Edition, or Sonic Advance for short. The four characters played differently to each other, the levels had character specific routes and were very Sonic-y. Level design was almost on par with the MegaDrive games.

Advance 2 - mediocre. The emphasis on speed just stops this from being playable. Ninja reflexes required to jump over the millions of bottomless pits in every level. I didn't even get as far as playing as any other character except Sonic.

Advance 3 - okay. They tried a bit harder this time, by removing some of the bottomless pits, and removing the emphasis on speed. Unfortunately, the level design still isn't very good, and the awkward teamwork mechanic makes this difficult to play.

I haven't played the DS games extensively enough to actually comment on them, so I won't.

#9 User is offline The Shad 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:02 PM

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Adventure - Awesome, awesome game. I love going back to this once every few months and just beating it all the way through.
Adventure 2 - Another awesome game, though it doesn't have the same replayability in story that SA1 does. What it does have is a superior level select that allows you to just jump right in.
Heroes - It wasn't as terrible as everyone makes it out to be, though the controls get a bit clunky at times. It's still a fun game.
Shadow - Fuck this game.
'06 - This one, too.
Unleashed (360/PS3) - The Werehog takes so much out of this game it's not even funny.
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Haven't touched it.
Advance 1 - Awesome game, another one I love to just sit down and run through every so often.
Advance 2 - The biggest offender. Hold right to win, bottomless pit syndrome. Ugh.
Advance 3 - Clunky. Trying to gain any speed with Sonic before getting into the full run is terrible. You just draaaag and then boom. What the fuck. Level design was at least a bit better than Advance 2.
Rush - I wanna love this game, I do, but the fucking level design kills it for me. It's basically Advance 2 with a quick fix boost to make up for horrible enemy placement. What they forgot to fix was the fucking pits. Seriously, why does a Carnival level have so many pits?
Rush Adventure - The level design in this game is great. It's coherent. It's still got it's flaws, but it is way better than Rush and definately a load of fun.

Mostly positive.

#10 User is offline Enzo Aquarius 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:05 PM

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Adventure - Need to still play. I got SADX sitting around, but have yet to get around to play it.
Adventure 2 - I rather like this game. Although some people seem to have misgivings about it, I think it is a pretty solid game.
Heroes - Haven't played, but I've heard it is a synch to beat.
Shadow - Haven't played either.
'06 - Two words: NOW LOADING. Had Sega gone about and given the development team to finish the game and properly test it, it could've been good.
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Haven't played this version.
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - The fan base seems to be split on this game, while I enjoy it; both the day and night levels. The day levels are very interesting, and I actually quite like the night levels.
Advance 1 - Great
Advance 2 - Great
Advance 3 - Haven't played.
Rush - I really enjoy Rush, even though it's constant BOOST BOOST BOOST BOOSTQUICKDODGE BOOST.
Rush Adventure - Haven't played.

Might want to include Sonic Battle and Sonic Riders in your list as well.

#11 User is offline Vaiz 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:13 PM

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Adventure - Awesome, but hard to go back to to an extent. I'm not sure why.
Adventure 2 - Well, the Sonic and Shadow stages were fun, at least. Also, I know not a whole lot of people are fans of it, but I believe this game was the last good Sonic storyline. It maintained humour while mixing in an actual plot and the characters' portrayals were probably at their peak here...
Heroes - Before plummeting terribly. The first few stages of this game are fun, and the last couple are alright... But Bingo Highway can fuck. right. off.
Shadow - Fuck this game.
'06 - Also fuck this game.
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Fun, but honestly, I felt it to be a little -too- much. The 2d bits were alright, but I still don't understand everyone's love for the game when everyone professes a hate for hold right to win. This game was hold forward and boost to win and occasionally do a QTE. Woo?
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Haven't played it.
Advance 1 - Went back to this the other night. Guess what, it's still good!
Advance 2 - Fast, furious, not particularly engaging on a mental level, but good for a quick spin.
Advance 3 - Fuck this game.
Rush - I had enough fun with this to justify playing it more than once, also <3 the soundtrack.
Rush Adventure - And this is a sad would-be immitator of the above. (Ha! You're not even good enough to BE my fake!)
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#12 User is offline Vinchenz 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:17 PM

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Loved it, although my first encounter with it was SADX on the GCN. I hated the idea of Hub Worlds, though. Seemed to slow down gameplay.

Adventure 2-
My favourite 3D Sonic game! :o One of the few games I wish I could forget so I can experience it again. :<
During my last Winter break, I actually took this game and got all 180 Emblems. Was a fucking nightmare but I'm glad I did it. The 8 year curse is finally over! Green Hill Zone was a blast to play.

I rather enjoyed it my first time through, although I will never get all of the emblems here. It's got rather repetitive over the years and just isn't fun to play anymore.

Was alright. I hated going through the game like 20 times to beat it, though.

I couldn't even beat it because of how many times I died due to falling through the ground or not being able to climb back up a wall because the enemies don't respawn after the first time you kill them.
*deep breath*
errm, yeah, sorry for the rage rant

Unleashed (360/PS3)-
I liked it! Best 3D Sonic game since Heroes, I think. The speedy parts were actually really fun and the Werehog parts I didn't mind too much, aside from the length of the levels being longer than the day stages.

Unleashed (Wii/PS2)-
Never played it, never will.

Advance 1-
I beat this game to death and then I got a level 99-stated Chao. I loved this game back in the day but it's hard for me to get through it now for some reason.

Advance 2-
I beat this. Once. I think I cheated to get all of the emeralds. I don't remember too much of it, but I had fun I think. I remember really liking the GUI, it was really cool. Besides that, I don't feel like ever playing this game again, though.

Advance 3-
Never played it, I just don't ever feel like it either.

Never played it, I saw a Let's Play and it looked decent. I like the hip-hoppy music, though. And the Sonic 2 Special Stages are cool.

Rush Adventure-
Played it for a bit. Was decent, I suppose. I actually like Blaze the Cat's gameplay, too. Oh, but I hated the boss battles, the way it forces you to wait before you can do anything to them. That really annoys me with Sonic games.

#13 User is offline Effexor 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:38 PM

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QUOTE (Enzo Aquarius @ Feb 19 2010, 07:05 PM)
Might want to include Sonic Battle and Sonic Riders in your list as well.

Eh, I was going for what people dis/liked about the platforming Sonic games. Battle and Riders don't really fit the bill.

I was also considering SatSR and SatBK, but... I dunno. They didn't really fit with what I wanted to know, I guess?

#14 User is offline Sparks 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:45 PM

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Adventure - Good but it's not the first game I'd replay on my Gamecube (I had the DX version)
Adventure 2 - A bit less memorable than Adventure, and same case when it comes to playing again.
Heroes - I love the music and the plot with Metal Sonic, not much more to love sadly.
Shadow - Confusing maze of alternate routes and unappealing levels
'06 - Never played
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Never played
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Never played
Advance 1 - To me this was a gem, and possibly one of the best ways to have modern Sonic
Advance 2 - Kinda tolerate it more after having nothing else to play for hours. Nothing special, kinda annoying, definitly not a highlight of Sonic games.
Advance 3 - I don't care what others say, I love this game. The layouts are much more tolerable, and I think the physics are fine.
Rush - Worse than Advance 3 but better than Advance 2, simply put.
Rush Adventure - I loved the levels, but the "material" and boat gimmick keeps me from playing past Machine Labyrinth, which is ridiculous.

#15 User is offline akirahedgehog 

Posted 19 February 2010 - 08:46 PM

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Adventure - Excellent Tech Demo
Adventure 2 - Only 3D Sonic game worth replaying
Shadow - glitch mess of doom
'06 - Can we pretend this never happened?
Unleashed (360/PS3) - Werehog stages ruin it
Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Werehog stages ruin it
Advance 1 - Good
Advance 2 - Best of Advance?
Advance 3 - Good
Rush - Annoying story sequences
Rush Adventure - Unplayable due to annoying story sequences.

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