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  1. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    17 March 2017 - 11:15 PM

    Looks like they're making another series of set-pieces game. I mean this is probably the first level but...

    Guess I'll just tune out myself for now.
  2. In Topic: Project AXSX (2013 and Beyond)

    06 February 2017 - 04:18 PM

    SAGE then? :v:
  3. In Topic: Shenmue 3

    04 February 2017 - 12:19 AM

    No seriously what are you smoking?

    The reason people compare Yakuza to Shenmue is precisely because of the shared "life simulator" parts of the gameplay.

    And if you spend your time in GTA driving around and shooting at other cars, you're playing it very wrong. The comparison you're looking for is Mario Kart and Twisted Metal, friend.
  4. In Topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2017

    03 February 2017 - 06:42 PM

    Oh. I missed your post before mine. D'oh.

    Anyway I don't think most of the entries are hardware-friendly to be honest. Someone else would know better than me though.
  5. In Topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2017

    03 February 2017 - 06:15 PM

    Isn't that an award or something? I don't know nor really care.

    What point are you trying to make by phrasing your statement like a question.