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  1. Embedding / Launching Emulator Within Application

    05 March 2017 - 05:28 AM

    I am creating a small Python application to keep all my emulators in an easy to access location and am attempting to launch directly into the emulators from within Python itself - to some success.

    I have successfully been able to launch Kega fusion directly into a game using pure Python but have hit a couple of areas where I may require assistance from the fair community here:

    1.) I can launch Kega Fusion directly into full screen mode using the command line argument "-fullscreen". When doing so, the standard screen pops up for a moment before becoming full screen (presumably as it is going through it's standard application launch cycle, launching the game and then making the application full screen). Is there any way for me to stagger the launch of the application until it is fully loaded and then display the fullscreen window more seamlessly?

    2.) I have dabbled a little bit with the .INI file and was wondering if it is possible to pass a custom .INI file via command line. I may have a bank of about 3 or 4 different configurations which I want to choose from depending on the game selected. Alternatively, I was wondering if many of these settings could be passed in via command line args but have yet to find an exhaustive list / reference.

    More of an overall question; I have noticed that Kega Fusion has a plethora of features which I may never actually use within this context - is there a way to disable these features to make the overall application lighter? Alternatively, is there a Megadrive / Genesis emulator build for a lightweight deployment and speed of use?


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