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  1. In Topic: Sonic Social Media Shenanigans (This totally just happened...)

    Today, 07:47 AM

    View PostDigitalDuck, on Today, 07:43 AM, said:

    I like all the little details. The neon signs (Emerald 92, Starlight Ale), the Scrap Brain sash on the bartender, the hedgehog bathroom sign, Mario accepting an award on the TV, and an Alex Kidd toy on the shelf next to it.

    Yeah same, you can tell the artist is a fan. Check out his FB page, some really funny stuff on there!
  2. In Topic: Sonic Social Media Shenanigans (This totally just happened...)

    Today, 05:20 AM

    Too good

    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    Yesterday, 04:37 PM

    View PostVectorCNC, on Yesterday, 04:28 PM, said:

    View PostMr Lange, on Yesterday, 04:04 PM, said:

    What classic Sonic music was:

    What they seem to think it was:

    Omg, that was so enjoyable, and extra funny because it's SO TRUE!

    People wondering why I'm laughing so hard...

    :v: :v: :v:

    Oh man, completely forgot about Paula - thanks for reminding me of the massive crush I had on her when I was a kid, had a photo of her on my wall :v:

    Slightly off topic but you reminded me of this, which thinking about it sounds CD USA

    CD JP/EU

  4. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    26 April 2017 - 05:46 PM

    I think that the main point of everyone's frustrations is that it's Green Hill, again. But with sand in the backdrop, wow.

    If there was a bit more creativity in creating a brand new level trope for us (I mean, how hard can it be) then I doubt people would be reacting so negativity.

    Music can be fixed to a certain degree, so can dodgy physics (as we saw in S4 ep 2, even though it was still complete wank)

    But they simply can't expect people to get excited about a new Sonic game when they give us the same looking levels over and over.

    Green Hill has been done to death, and even in Mania I thought it was pushing it a bit.
  5. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    26 April 2017 - 08:36 AM

    During my time watching the footage I have been asking myself 'what if we could travel into the platforms/areas in the backdrop?'

    I love the amount of depth the backdrop has (even though the level trope is boring), so what would be really different, is to have some sections where the path twists 90 degrees so you could travel to these areas. The camera staying fixed 2D throughout this whole time.

    Think of it as an evolution of X-treme.

    Now that would be interesting. Real depth.