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25 years old
September 5, 1992
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England - Slough

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RAoSTH (Sprite Comic), Sawnik (Still need a better name)
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  1. Affordable headset recommendations

    06 September 2016 - 01:16 PM

    I guess this is the place for this? Anyway, my mic on my headset recently stopped working, and I'm looking for a headset of similar quality, for a similar price range. The one I had/have are Sennheisers, Pc 151 as seen here. When I bought these, they were £30 down from £60. Any recommendation in the £30-60 price range for a similar/good quality headset? Reasons why would be appreciated too.
  2. A HDD based question

    08 September 2012 - 05:47 AM

    While I haven't got the money, I have parts in mind and want to build myself a better computer. This in itself isn't an issue, when I get the cash anyway. But say I want to go to "My Computer" on this one, and copy the ENTIRETY of the HDD to a new one (or a partition of a new one, either would be cool), would it work basically as it does now and not have the need to mess about with reinstalling programs?

    Basically what I'm asking is if can I basically copy the drive's contents as is to a new one and use it normally without any issues (program issues, etc).
  3. SADX PC resolution

    12 May 2011 - 10:36 AM

    Is there a patch or something that can make it support 1440 x 900? Would be nice to have it display at my correct resolution. I apologize if this is the wrong section or if this was pointless.
  4. SMS Sonic Hacks

    21 December 2010 - 11:34 AM

    Pretty sure I've got the right section, if not please move XD
    I got a memory card for my phone in the post today and have been using JavaGear to put a couple of my favourite SMS titles onto my phone to play, inlcuding Sonic 2 LD Episode 1. I'm not sure what's out there, so what kind of Sonic SMS hacks are there available? I know of Sonic 2 LD, and Sonic 2 Sweet Relief, but I'm unsure of what else is readily available.
  5. Sawnik Teh Hedgehawg

    07 June 2008 - 05:25 PM

    *copy & paste from RetroHack*
    So, this is my first attempt at a ROM hack, and I decided to start with Sonic 1. Why? I have no idea XD
    So anyways presenting my "hack":
    Sawnik Teh Hedgehawg
    (joke name until I think of a better one, unless you think I should keep this one =P)

    Not very much done at the moment, but I do have a couple of things to show.

    Posted Image
    This screenshot shows off quite a bit in one go. My attempt at making a Sonic Adventure 2-esque HUD, the Sonic adventure style life icon, the different sprite style I'm using (Sprite import around 70% done, just gotta work on ones not in the spritesheet), and a new palette for GHZ that I'm trying out. (Palette, Yes or No?)

    Posted Image
    This second one just shows new signpost art, and that I'm using Sonic CD Title card art.

    Posted Image
    Just to show that you now get a life every 50000 points like Sonic 2 and 3.

    Posted Image
    Things are not what they seem...*shot*

    Posted Image
    Working Spindash.

    Posted Image
    Monitor art made to look like/similar to Sonic Adventure style.

    Posted Image
    Monitor images from various games.

    1-up: Same as life icon.
    Speed Shoes: A shoe from an advance style Sonic sprite.
    Shield: ...I forget where it's from.
    Invincibility: The original
    5 ring: Sonic 3 Ring image edited to have the number 5 on it. (I made all normal ring boxes give 5 rings...don't ask why, I don't even know =P)
    15 ring: Same as above, but with 15 on it. S box made into one that gives 15 rings.
    Robotnik: Sonic 3

    Music planned for stages: Various music from Sonic 2, 3 and maybe 3D.

    Credit where credit is due
    Sonic Retro: Helpful guides.
    Shobiz: Helping me with the life every 50000 points thing.
    Rathe: For making the sprite sheet I'm using for Sonic.
    SCAA: Some compressed art.
    ESE Sound Importer: Lots of music ports.
    The guy who made SonMapEd (I forget his name): For making mapping editing, sprite importing and getting the pallete from a sprite quick and easy.
    I think that's about right.

    No download yet, sorry =P

    Anyways, all comments and criticism welcome, and if neccesary, feel free to mock =P

    Updates since then:
    New Marble pallet
    Posted Image

    A few of the ending sprites:
    Posted Image

    Walking sprites:
    Posted Image
    (They may look as if it'd be jumpy towards the middle but it looks fine in game, so =P)

    New Scrap Brain and Labrynth pallets:
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    For the tl;dr people: I'm working on a hack, updates as and when they happen =P