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Phantasy Star 1- 4 disassemblies (by lory90) well, not so much for 1 since RHDN is down...

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 03:28 AM

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This has existed for about a couple of years already, and although some of the information from 4's disassem is in the Sega Retro wiki, 2 and 3 clearly aren't so I figure this is worth posting anyway and maybe some brighter minds can tinker into the disassems to figure out some stuff that I can't.

It should be noted that I personally didn't make these (the lory90 guy did), they were posted publicly to the PS Cave fansite and exist on github, so I assume its safe to post these. If not, well, I guess into the trash I go. :v:

If nothing else, these being available means there's more graphical/music assets to mess around with out there.

For some reason, the PS1 disassem isn't on github. Its on RHDN, but they're down for now, so :specialed:

My assembly knowledge is really pitiful, but I did take a peek into some of the code and the thing that keeps bothering me is this right here in PS3's disassembly:

; ========================================================================
; Enemies that appear in the front row
; Bytes 1-4 = Art pointer
; Bytes 5-6 = ID for the enemy (starts from 1)
; Bytes 7-8 = Index of EnemyObjOffset table
; Bytes 8-9 = Enemy name pointer
; Bytes 10-11 = HP
; Bytes 12-13 = ?
; Byte 14 = Technique level
; Byte 15 = Technique Cast %
; Bytes 16-17 = Attack
; Bytes 18-19 = Defense
; Byte 20 = Speed
; Byte 21 = Escape %
; Bytes 22-23 = EXP
; Bytes 24-25 = Meseta
; ========================================================================

Its long been speculated about PS3 in the (what's left of it) PS fan community that enemies have resistances to certain spells, but there's nothing ever conclusive ever been brought up about that. I question if the unknown bytes (12-13) are just that. I'll have to mess around with the values for some enemies and get far enough in the game for it to matter to see! It should be noted, that what little scanning I've done of the asm document, is that enemies from the same group for the most part seem to share similar values of those unknown bytes (Though that could just be some kind of identifier for the groupings themselves).

It also begs the question why enemies have an escape %, and how exactly that comes into play with different formations. I've seen technical data for a lot of rpgs before, but I don't think I've ever seen an escape % for each individual enemy before, which is just bizarre.

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