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Sonic 2: Zen Island An in-progress hack of Sonic 2 SMS

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 12:30 AM

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I've been trying to make a half-decent Sonic 2 SMS since 2015, and I feel like I've made something half decent for once. :p
Sonic 2 Zen Island is a level, palette, and music hack of Sonic 2 for the Sega Master System.

An actual list of changes
-The title screen, level preview, and score tally screens now have black backgrounds instead of dark blue ones.
-Each act now has its own palette (Generally it's a day-to-night cycle over the three acts in a zone).
-The signpost now shows Sonic where Robotnik used to be and vice versa.
-The signpost are now uses black in place of yellow.
-Underground Zone Acts 1-3, Sky High Zone Acts 1-3, Aqua Lake Zone Acts 1 and 3, and Green Hills Zone Act 1 have completely different tile layouts (Some with different level sizes).
-Sonic's sprites have been edited to make him more expressive.
-Loops are glitchy for some reason (Sonic inexplicably goes in the wrong directions while on the loop).
-There's also no hang-gliders, but that's because most object layouts are incomplete.
-Each third act (Sans Scrambled Egg Zone and Crystal Egg Zone) now uses a previously unused song.
-The Level Complete and Boss themes are lower pitched.
-The credits are altered to include the people listed in the "Thanks to following people" section.

To-do list
-Finish object layouts
-Finish tile layouts for GMZ, SEZ, and CEZ.
-Create new music rather than altering the music already in the game.
-Make GHZ the first zone.
-Make UGZ the fourth zone.
-Edit the credits to include the people who helped with this hack that aren't already in them.

Thanks to following people
-Glitch (For making Aspect Edit, the program I used to edit the layouts and palettes, along with taking pictures of the level layouts)
-Mikel (For making this guide on how to add dynamic palettes: http://info.sonicret..._to_Sonic_2_SMS)
-InvisibleUp (For making a post on explaining how to use Aspect Edit: https://forums.sonic...showtopic=32893)
-RavenFreak (For making a list of level sizes and tile off-sets at this page: https://forums.sonic...showtopic=32893)
-MrCat (For making Sonic 2 ReMastered, the hack that rejuvenated my interest in working on this hack)

Download the hack here

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Obligatory title screen. :v

Posted Image
The minecart is surprisingly durable and versatile. It can fly through the air and go through lava like its nothing.

Posted Image
Just one of the unique platforming challenges throughout the game.

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New signpost art in a new level. :v

Posted Image
Sonic's slightly altered sprite in action. My goal was to make him more expressive.
Oh and a new palette too.

Version 0.15 is out now.
-ALZ2 now has a unique tile layout. Also, there's a secret short-cut. If you can beat my time of 13 seconds, you'll get some kind of reward (A virtual cookie perhaps?).
-SHZ3's palette has been edited to create an evening sky, rather than the mid-day sky it used to have.
-Two unused monitor arts have been edited. I plan on incorporating them into the new levels once their code is implemented.

Version 0.2 is out now.
-GHZ2 now has a unique tile layout.
-GHZ3 now has a unique tile layout.

Version 0.25 is out now.
-UGZ1 now has a new tile layout. (The old one needed was kinda bleh tbh.)
-UGZ3's layout has been altered slightly to remove the trial-and-error the original had. Also there's some rings in this act now.

Version 0.3 is out now.
-UGZ1's tile layout has been overhauled again. I can't seem to settle on a layout. :p
-UGZ2's tile layout has been slightly altered to make the first lava pit fairer.
-ALZ1's tile layout has been slightly altered to
-Make the Easter egg text easier to read.
-Make two monitors in walls possible to get.
-Make an alternate path possible to get through.
-ALZ2's tile layout has been slightly altered to
-Remove potential softlocks from certain springs and a mandatory pipe exit.
-Make a certain duet of springs give the player a ton of speed.
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Posted 08 January 2017 - 06:20 PM

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Hey, this looks really good! It's very awesome to see some 8 Bit hacks around. I liked the 8 bit games and in my opinion, they need some attention. Good job on doing this, keep working on it!

#3 User is offline Ravenfreak 

Posted 08 January 2017 - 06:54 PM

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Sonic's loop motion data is hard coded, so that's why the loops don't work right. For music hacking, since Sonic 2 actually uses a almost identical sound driver that's found in most of the 16-bit games, music hacking won't be too difficult if you know what you're doing. (I however haven't mastered the art of music hacking... xD) It's always nice to see more 8-bit hacks. ^_^ I also like Sonic's sprites too, they look much better than his default sprites from the game.

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