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What is wrong with these DSFs?

#1 User is offline Drdevilfx 

  Posted 17 January 2016 - 04:25 PM

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As an avid fan of Sega music, I've been downloading many DSF rips lately. Some of them features tracks with instruments at wrong volumes, out-of-time streamed samples, etc. Are the DSFs poorly ripped, or is there something wrong with the DSF player? Is there a way to fix the problem?

Here are some links to the examples, so that you can analyse the problems.

Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen - Pops2.dsf - features instruments with strange volumes
Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen - STAFFROLL.dsf - features incorrect instruments
Guru Guru Onsen 2 - M19_NAKAI.dsf - features a tempo issue at start
Rent a Hero No. 1 - ZAKO.dsf - features out-of-time breakbeat
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Posted 18 January 2016 - 11:04 PM

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It's possible it's a poor rip but I have my doubts.

What you must keep in mind that Dreamcast audio emulation is far from perfect. I'm very familiar with Sonic Shuffle's soundtrack for instance and how it's supposed to sound and I've seen emulators and Dreamcast Sound Format players screw it up in a number of different ways, a lot of times with no consistency between how it gets screwed up.

The best thing you can do is record audio from the Dreamcast itself and use those recordings instead of trying to reproduce the audio of those games into files in which emulation of the original sound system is required. Assuming those games have sound tests.

The only things guaranteed 100% accuracy outside of the Dreamcast is when the file is a streaming format such as ADX, as these are simply audio recordings (a lot like an ADPCM wav file with looping points) and not the console trying to reproduce music through a MIDI-type sequence and samples using internal DSPs and synthesis.

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