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  1. Old Yuji Naka interview

    24 June 2015 - 05:00 PM


    Recently I came across this article and I don't know is was published before (I didn't find it in the Interviews section). Apparently was an interview at a Game Developer magazine. It mention some things about when he left SEGA so maybe is relevant to post it here.

    Link: Yuji Naka On New Beginnings At His Studio, Prope (Gamasutra)


    There is an unconfirmed anecdote that circulated around the Western press which states that when he left to build Prope, he offered any Sonic Team member the opportunity to go with him, and almost no one did. This was used to prove his lack of relevance in the current industry. I could see this anecdote being true -- but I would see it from another perspective.


    Though the article is brief, I find Yuji Naka to be thoughtful and driven, not arrogant, and he left Sega because he still wanted to make games, not just manage them. It's my hope that this interview will increase understanding both of Naka, and the constraints of the Japanese industry.

    Please close or merge if this was posted before.
  2. Da Cave (Mystic Cave Arrangement)

    19 February 2015 - 07:08 AM

    Hi everyone...

    A friend of mine formed a independent music group some time ago (a little more than a year iirc), and they mainly perform medleys and rearranged music inspired in videogames. They have been very popular in my city last year, and they even play in a local pub every week.

    A few days ago they started to upload music videos of some of their arrangements, and in this opportunity they have uploaded a song called "Da Cave", inspired in Mystic Cave of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

    (if anyone interested, the other video is the Song of Storm, inspired in Zelda Ocarina of Times. And here's his Facebook Page)
  3. Problem with Sonic SPinball

    05 October 2013 - 03:15 PM

    Some time ago I purchased an used Sonic SPinball for my Genesis. But when I try to play it on the console the game doesn't works... The first Sega message appears, but then only black screen.. So I suppose it was broken

    Some time later I bought another used copy of the same game, but neither worked...

    I asked my father who knows about electrical stuff and he opened the cartridge to find anything suspicious but he found nothing.

    Maybe is Bad luck or maybe has something to do with the console, but other games works without problem and only happens with this game in particular..

    don't know if useful, but for the record, my console version is the genesis 2. Anyone knows something?
  4. Sega pushed for Dreamcast compatiblity with the Xbox

    15 January 2010 - 02:37 AM

    I did not see this news published in this forum and don't know if anyone are interested, but I quote here.

    Link: Sega pushed for Dreamcast compatiblity with the Xbox (Destructoid)

    QUOTE ("Destructoid")
    Sega pushed for Dreamcast compatiblity with the Xbox

    Of course, it didn't happen, but that would have been fantastic. The story goes that SEGA Chairman Isao Okawa visited Microsoft to push his agenda. He wanted his Dreamcast games to be compatible with Microsoft's then shiny new Xbox. Okawa said that it would be a sort of upgrade path for current Dreamcast owners. It would also possibly help save a dying console.

    Microsoft didn't bite. Okawa wanted his games to have the fancy online capability that MS was pushing. Microsoft only wanted online for their games. SEGA was handing over customers, but I'm sure Microsoft didn't want to have to pay to retool their game system for this compatibility.

    I wonder if Microsoft would have done differently today, looking back. This would surely have helped them out in the Japanese market.

    If you're anything like me, you still look at your Dreamcast fondly. I wonder if this would have helped Sega hold on longer or even succeed. Up for a little Shenmue 2 on Xbox, anyone?

    How Xbox Could Have Helped The Dreamcast Survive [Kotaku]

    personally I would have loved if this had happened...
  5. Segata Sanshiro Action Figure

    30 December 2009 - 09:39 AM

    not know where I can buy this, I recently readed the news (I hope this hasn't been published before)

    Link: Segata Sanshiro Action Figure (the bbps)

    I want one... rolleyes.png


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