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  1. Intentional vs. Fluke: Aspects of Sonic's Success

    07 August 2015 - 10:27 AM

    When I was younger, whenever I saw a piece of media, even if I didn't like it, I saw the creators as infallible. At least, in thr vein of "if it got to the point of release, it must have done so because its been worked to perfection." Obviously this isn't the case, but I was still in that naive mindset when I became a Sonic fan.

    It's obvious that, although the character and the games were engineered with the intention of becoming a successful, a developer may not be able to predict what tenant of a game will end up winning over consumers.

    My question is, how much of Sonic's success can be attributed to specific design decisions that were made specifically for the purpose of appealing to a specific demographic, and which aspects were consequential of those decisions, but weren't intentional in and of itself yet ended up still partially defining the franchise's identity?

    I'm not sure I could qualify the original game's marketing campaign and chosen selling points could be defined as "flukes" but there are definitely choices in how Sonic was sold that didn't fit in per se with the development team's initial vision. What are some other examples of this, or specific instances of how this evolved into a defining trait?
  2. Was Billy Hatcher Ever Meant for DC?

    02 June 2014 - 01:21 PM

    I've been pretty disappointed in the past that there seems to be so little information available on the development history on BHatGE. All I've seen so far is that it ran on the SA2 engine.

    Considering what an anomaly Billy Hatcher is, I think it warrants more discussion.

    I was primarily wondering if there was any indication of BH ever having been planned for the DC at any point in its dev cycle. It launched 2 1/2 years post DC, but I find it fascinating that it was being developed concurrently with Sonic Heroes, yet BH utilized the SA2 engine while SH ran on the Renderware engine. Would they have utilized the SA2 engine just to save cost on dev time and resource creation?

    I find Billy Hatcher enigmatic, and would love any insights anyone may have.

    (EDIT: I made an ignorant statement that has derailed this thread from its original purpose to people continuously posting the exact same information over and over. Thank you for your dutiful pointing out of my mistake, but I only needed to hear it once, thanks.)
  3. HTML site w/ Wordpress Blog

    05 December 2013 - 01:29 PM

    Hey, guys. I'm going to be working on a site redesign for a client. They're currently using a Wordpress template, but I will be building them a custom site (I.e. Pure HTML and CSS ) since the majority of their content will be static, and just needs a visual overhaul. The complication that arises is that they would like to keep their wordpress blog page. I can't imagine it requires anything other than throwing the wordpress stuff in the folder with the HTML to the ftp, as you would for a straight Wordpress site, but I'm on a tight deadline, and if there is indeed some additional work-arounds that need to be done to make it work, I'd rather know upfront instead of running out of time trying to figure it out.

    So in summary, I need to know if I can implement a Wordpress blog into a non-Wordpress site under the same domain in a straight-forward way, and if not, a decent tutorial as to the process. I don't know any PHP, which I know Wordpress primarily uses, so I'm hoping a deep knowledge of it isn't necessary :P

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Takashi Iizuka

    26 January 2013 - 11:52 AM

    Before Colors came out, I heard a lot of trash talking about Takashi "Boost" Iizuka, that he was missing the point of the series, too focused on speed, not platforming, etc.

    Since Colors and Generations, though, I haven't heard this nearly as much and was curious as to what people's opinions on the man are in general, and whether or not his presence at the helm of the series is a positive or a negative one. I'm not really sure what he does in the position of producer, but since he has been in that title, the games (Colors, Generations) have been pretty dang phenomenal all things considered. Which of course begs the question, is it because of him being a producer that they are good, or is it because he is no longer in a position of direct influence on the game?

    I'd like to think that a lot of the credit belongs to Morio Kishimoto and Hiroshi Miyamoto for their direction in Colors and Generations, but it has been only since Iizuka entered the production role that we have seen the removal of unnecessary and cumbersome gimmicks such as the Werehog and more of a focus on pure Sonic gameplay elements, or at least elements that enhance the essentials, rather than hinder them.

    Sound off!
  5. The Little Details That Just Bug You

    28 October 2012 - 04:30 AM

    Is there anything in the franchise that is just a pet-peeve to you? Not major things like gameplay, design, or things like that, but just specific instances within the games that stand out as wrong. Just nitpicks that don't ruin the game for you, but you can't help but notice.

    For me, it's always driven me crazy that Sonic Team seems to have forgotten Metal Sonic has a jet-engine built into his chest. They seem to have him utilize it as a regular old jetpack without the turbine on his front rotoating, which is always what I thought it was. I loved how you saw it, at least from the back, starting up and spinning in the OVA, as opposed to the games in which it is static. I think actually depicting it as a jet engine would make him feel much more dangerous of a character.

    Also, in Sonic Generations when Sonic doesn't recognize the locations he visited as Classic Sonic. It's always "that place seemed awful familiar!" and "Deja vu, it's like I've been here before, but I can't put my finger on it." It bugged me, because it felt like Sonic Team were kind of holding it in fans faces saying "see? the Classics weren't that special, Sonic barely remembers them!" When Sonic Generations was just announced, one of the things I was looking forward to the most was seeing Sonic geek out over seeing all these places again, but instead he brushed them off like it was no big deal.
    In a way, that reaction kinda broke my heart. It's like when you remember a really good time with your friend, and it's your defining memory of your friendship, but when you bring it up, they act non-chalant about it and are all like "Oh yea, I guess that happened." :(


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