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Sonic B&W New Rom Hack

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 08:14 PM

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Sonic B&W

Collect as many Rings as you can!

Sonic B&W is a ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, that adds a visual modification/gimmick to the base game; collecting rings gradually changes the colors and music of South Island! Getting hit, however, undoes this effect. Have 50 rings by the end of the stage to activate and enter special stages!

(Epilepsy Warning: There are occasional instances of flashing background colors)

This started out as a small tech demo a few years ago, but in the last couple of months I decided to expand upon it, add new features, and experiment with the special stages.


-Two ways to play: Select sound '80' in the Sound Test to toggle 'Grayscale Mode', which uses a different palette than the default.

-Brand-New style of Special Stage, with 6 new stages available. To skip to the Special Stage you want, play sound '93' in the sound test once for every emerald (once for Stage 2, twice for Stage 3, etc.). I plan to actually make a menu for this later.

-(Tap C at Title Screen).

-I'll add new features to this gradually in the future, to expand the project a bit.

Current Version: Version 4
Previous Version: Original Demo



Special Thanks:

Coding Help:

GenesisFan64/Gardeguey - For the PalLoad_Loop quick loading subroutine.


MainMemory - SonLVL, S1SSE, etc.
snkenjoi - Flex 2
Xenowhirl - SonMapEd
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