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  1. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    28 May 2017 - 01:12 PM

    After thoughts, the most obvious solution about Dust Hill Zone is that this is a beach dune.

    Posted Image

    Think about it:
    • This is next to the ocean.
    • It collapses into the ocean, just like what is shown on the map.
    • There is some kind of vegetation remaining (this is not Green Hill kind of vegetation, and not the desert level kind of vegetation either).
    • It is mostly composed of very dusty, thin and volatile sand. You can easily see the dust when running through it by foot or with a vehicle at high speed.

    The name Dust Hill Zone just makes perfect sense in this case. This is not the desert level, this is not Mystic Cave, this is only another level we have never see. Maybe it shared similarities with the desert level which confused the developers when asked about the desert level mockup.

    Posted Image
  2. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    27 May 2017 - 04:07 PM

    View PostSodaholic, on 27 May 2017 - 01:28 PM, said:

    View PostSonic Hachelle-Bee, on 27 May 2017 - 09:59 AM, said:

    "Dust" is also associated with snow.
    Hmm. I know this is just baseless conjecture, but you might actually be onto something there. There's no other name in these maps that would fit a snow level. That is, if a snow level was planned at that early stage.

    I get the feeling that they were going to do palette swapped zones to a much greater extent than in the finished game (they implied as much, anyway). Obviously, they'd only reuse the foreground (background reuse would be too obvious to players), and even then they'd swap some elements out in the foreground (like how final Hill Top has pinetrees and lava but is otherwise identical).

    I am not saying that Dust Hill Zone is the snow level, but it might be beause a snow level called Diamond Dust Zone already exists. Anyway, the point was that the argument "Dust is strongly associated to a cave" doesn't stand because the only time they ever used "Dust" in a Sonic game is to describe a snow level. However, I do think that Dust Hill Zone is Mystic Cave Zone, because we have no other reliable proof than Sonic 2 Beta right now on this subject.

    On baseless statements, Rock World Zone (past) might be the snow level, as a palette swap of Sand Shower Zone at the very same location. And as I posted earlier, the label "Rock World Zone" on the map may describe this top right rock instead of the forest that is under it. It makes sense to put a label next to something instead of right onto it to avoid covering it entirely. This is the case for all other labels too.

    Additionally, this rock is nowhere to be seen on other maps. And we are not sure this isn't snow on the top of it.

    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    27 May 2017 - 09:59 AM

    View PostICEknight, on 27 May 2017 - 06:44 AM, said:

    View PostHigh Fidelity, on 27 May 2017 - 05:28 AM, said:

    ロック Rock
    オイル Oil
    ダスト Dust
    デスエッグ Death Egg

    I think this could be evidence that Dust Hill wasn't a name for Mystic Cave. It just fits so well with that theme, oil, rock, dust (sand)...

    Dust is heavily associated with mines, which Mystic Cave happens to be.

    Also, I'm not sure that you can call "evidence" to arbitrarily change the word "dust" to "sand" there...

    "Dust" is also associated with snow.
    Diamond Dust Zone
  4. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    24 May 2017 - 03:03 PM

    Regarding the desert level. This is purely speculative, but there is something that bugs me.

    I fully agree with ICEknight that the desert level is not Dust Hill Zone. It is now obvious this is Sand Shower Zone from the "good" present, the map is the ultimate proof of this. But if you look carefully at the "past" map and the labelling, Rock World Zone may not be the pyramid... It may be this huge rock at the top right of the map.

    Posted Image

    And it looks like this rock may have ice on its top (winter level?).

    On the "bad present" map, Rock World Zone turned to be mountains surrounded by sand (the perspective is a bit wrong, but it is a sketch after all):

    Posted Image

    And on the present map, this is Sand Shower Zone:

    Posted Image

    Maybe Rock World Zone was the winter level in the past, and Sand Shower Zone, the desert level in the present.
  5. In Topic: Sonic Utopia

    24 October 2016 - 02:01 PM

    View PostFelik, on 24 October 2016 - 12:41 PM, said:

    The game looks nice. Very nice. And engine seems to be very refined and seems to be the best of 3D fanmade engines I've seen so far.
    But ultimately it's another example why 3D open world exploration-based Sonic simply doesn't work. It's boring, confusing and feel pointless. Also camera is awful which is unsurprising given it's very basic.

    For it to be something good I'd consider dropping the openworldness and make levels more tight and streamlined.

    I agree entirely. Take a look at Crash Bandicoot and its 2.5D style gameplay : sometimes back and forth, sometimes left to right movements, but always one of the 3 axis that is strained. Maybe this is more suitable for a Sonic game.


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