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  1. Sonic MAX Character Addition Tutorial

    15 August 2017 - 08:38 AM

    Hi all!

    Since I've gotten quite a few requests for it, I thought I'd lend a hand out and help y'all with adding characters to TruePowerOfTeamwork's Sonic MAX Engine. I may add to this when I have the time for things like Actions.

  2. Sonic: Time Attacked MAX

    28 January 2017 - 11:41 AM

    So I thought it was about time to make a topic for this rather than clogging up the general vids and screenshots topic, especially since this is now a full project with Jamie Bailey's blessing and input.

    Sonic Time Attacked MAX is a remake of the original Clickteam game by Jamie Bailey with updated physics and somewhat updated visuals all made in TruePowerofTeamwork's Sonic MAX engine for Gamemaker Studio.

    There will be two modes of play for the game; Modern and Nostalgia mode. Nostalgia mode will let you take control of Sonic with his sprites and abilities from the original game while Modern Mode will let you play as a Sonic with all his various abilities from multiple games including Instashield, Shield Abilities, Drop Dash, Peelout, Homing Attack and of course, the Spindash.

    Shields can now be accessed through the Starposts if you have 20 or more rings. The Starpost will take you to a Special Stage, but be careful since this will reset your Link counter to zero and break your chain (if you're going for Max Link).


    There's still a lot I need to do. The video above is just a WIP. Title cards need to be redone, as well as the end of act tally... And quite a bit more, but it's going. It would be nice to hear what y'all have to say. ^_^

    62 Slots Open for Fancharacter Sprites:

    • H Hog
    • Dolphman
    • Techokami
    • Mr. Ksoft
    • GFThePlayer
    • Cinossu
    • Balmsoldier
    • TruePowerOfTeamwork
    • Glaber
    • RedHotSonic
    • Unlimited Trees
    • InstantSonic
    • StarTurbo
    • AsuharaMoon
    • TheGoku7729

    Since this is a remake, an update of the Slide City residents is in order, don'tcha think? ^_^

    Help Wanted:
    • Someone to create sprites for Tails, Knuckles and Super Sonic in the style of Sonic: Time Attacked. It would be a nice addition to the game. As well as boss sprites for Duneopolis Zone.
    • Someone to help rebuild the cutscenes in GML. I've done the first one but I want to focus on remaking the stages.
    • Artist to create visuals for a Special Stage to collect Chaos Emeralds.
    • Level designer for Duneopolis Zone, a scrapped stage being remade to be placed as the third zone, bringing the number of zones to seven.
    • Someone with Gamemaker: Studio who can test and compile the Android/IOS port.
    • Sonic style pixel shift Water shader for Gamemaker: Studio that can be placed over a specific area rectangle.
  3. IGN's Unpopular Opinion

    05 August 2016 - 12:25 PM

    So this was taking over the Sonic Mania topic so I decided to make a new topic:

    They said said a whole bunch of stuff I don't like but couldn't really care less about...

    But then a whole bunch of people started a petition to get them to say sorry for it: :specialed:

    Can't we all get along? Share your thoughts.