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General Questions and Information Thread was More requests/B-Club, PSIV, and some game ID for now :/

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Posted 09 June 2018 - 10:02 AM

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If someone could help me translate this a bit better, it'd be appreciated--I feel like I'm missing some of the nuance that's trying to be described here:


セガとしては最初の『スペースインベーダー』タイプのスペースシューテイング。アップライト筺体專用で、操縦桿を使って操作する。自機の戦艦ヤマトは砲台が三門ついており、横に長い機体なのが大きな特徴。攻撃力は高いが、結果的に弾に当たりやすくなっている。 2面クリアーするとゲーム終了。出回りはきわめて少なかったと思われる。

The middle two sentences don't make a ton of sense to me (something about the battleship having three turrets and the attack power being high, but also easy to hit the bullets?) so help would be appreciated.

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Posted Yesterday, 11:40 AM

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Posted Image

A Mega Drive version of this delightful thing is pencilled in for Autumn 1993. I can verify that the SNES version exists, but there are no traces of the Mega Drive version online as far as I can see.

Was this ever a thing?

Incidentally our port of Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing isn't offering us any clues, because the ROMs don't mention it and we don't have manual scans. Mega Drive versions of the Footpedal totally existed.
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