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Sonic Rush Adventure enemies

#1 User is online Pengi 

Posted 19 January 2019 - 04:26 PM

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The Japanese Sonic Rush Adventure guide book is very comprehensive. It lists and details every item, every power-up, every gimmick, every stage hazard and even the cosmetic upgrades for the island hub world. But there's one glaring omission - it doesn't have an "Enemies" section.

I looked at the main walkthrough section of the book, and there aren't any subsections telling you what enemies to expect in each level or anything. I looked at the first few parts of the walkthrough text, and it only ever referred to the robots as enemies.

I was a bit disappointed, especially since Sonic Tweet had names for 4 of them.

Well, I took another look at the book recently, and was surprised to see the chain-ball enemy referred to as 海賊ホーガン (Kaizoku hōgan - "Pirate Hogan"), the same name used on the Sonic Tweet card, in the walkthrough text for the Hidden Islands. And the name is used consistently, more than once.

What the hell?

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the walkthrough text for the first 3 Zones just calls the robots enemies, but the walkthrough text for Zones 4-7 and the Hidden Islands names the enemies as though it's common knowledge. It's as though the walkthrough was partially written before Sega gave them the official enemy names, and they never thought to edit them into the earlier chapters, or create an enemy guide page. Whatever the reason, someone goofed. Fortunately, some of the Zone 1-3 robots show up in the Hidden Islands, so they're not all missing.

Most of the robots follow the same naming scheme seen in the Sonic Tweet cards, so nothing too exciting, but it does confirm that they're the real deal.

Anyway, here's what I've managed to find. Click the "Zone" for a link to the sprites, for reference, and click the Japanese names for photographic evidence.

Zone 1 - Plant Kingdom

Top: トリケラタンク (Triceratank) [from Sonic Tweet]
Middle: ???
Bottom: プテラ (Ptera) [from Sonic Tweet]

Zone 2 - Machine Labyrinth

Top: 試作型スパナ (Shisaku-gata Spanner)
Middle: 試作型ダンプ (Shisaku-gata Dump?)
Bottom: 試作型ジェット (Shisaku-gata Jet)

Zone 3 - Coral Cave

Top: バリアアングル (Barrier Angler) and エレキアングル (Eleki Angler / Electric Angler)
Middle: ラピッドクラブ (Rapid Crab)
Bottom: ダイブバット (Dive Bat)

Zone 4 - Haunted Ship

Top: ボムゴースト (Bomb Ghost)
Middle: 海賊スケルトン (Kaizoku Skeleton)
Bottom: スカルファイアー (Skull Fire)

Zone 5 - Blizzard Peaks

Top: クリスタルヘッド (Crystal Head)
Middle: 海賊スノーボール (Kaizoku Snowball)
Bottom: 海賊グライダー (Kaizoku Glider)

Zone 6 - Sky Babylon

Top: スカイムーン (Sky Moon)
Middle: ???
Bottom: 海賊ガン (Kaizoku Gun) [also seen in Sonic Tweet]

Zone 7 - Pirate's Island

Top: 海賊ホバーボム (Kaizoku Hover Bomb)
Bottom: ???

Hidden Island

Top: 海賊ボム (Kaizoku Bomb)
Bottom: 海賊ホーガン (Kaizoku Hogan) [also seen in Sonic Tweet]

Apologies if I've gotten anything wrong, I was relying on translation apps.

#2 User is offline Hitlersaurus Christ 

Posted 19 January 2019 - 04:53 PM

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Seems right to me. Hogan is probably from hougan which means canonball. Also if you want to get real technical アングル is just “angle” not angler but that's clearly what they were going for.
And since it's not outright said in your post I'll just mention here that “shisaku-gata” means “prototype model.”

#3 User is online Pengi 

Posted 22 January 2019 - 07:50 PM

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View PostHitlersaurus Christ, on 19 January 2019 - 04:53 PM, said:

Seems right to me. Hogan is probably from hougan which means canonball.

Ah, now it makes sense! Thanks! :)

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