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More Sega Channel prototypes dumped. Even earlier ones.

#256 User is offline LukyHRE 

Posted 12 July 2017 - 03:53 PM

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View Postevilhamwizard, on 12 July 2017 - 03:20 PM, said:

View PostLukyHRE, on 12 July 2017 - 03:01 PM, said:

May I also ask how it's possible to find these things in an unrelated prototype game? I am aware this has happened before, but exactly how can data from proto game X from company A be found in proto game Z from company B? And in such (relatively speaking) good state? I don't know anything technical about dumping from cartidges, sorry if it's a dumb question.

Amazing find, evilhamwizard!

Various reasons. What's most likely in this case is that the individual responsible for either compiling the ROM or interweaving the EPROM binaries together to create a single ROM used a program that didn't release memory properly. So data from a previous ROM is kept in memory and inadvertently filled the regions of the Yu Yu Hakusho ROM that were meant to be padded with null bytes. This was most likely caused by someone who was responsible for managing the ROMs for Sega Channel and not the developer of Yu Yu Hakusho (Treasure).

If that's the case, does that mean that whoever managed the ROMs for Sega Channel had access to the Sonic Crackers build?

I'm amazed at the fact we found this, but also kind of disappointed that we may never find the full build.

#257 User is offline Kiddo Cabbusses 

Posted 14 July 2017 - 08:35 PM

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BTW, the information from this latest leak is helpful for identifying things from prior leaks as well.

For example, the June 12th 1995 "Sega Channel" Comix Zone Prototype?

Take a look how it plays.

This looks like it matches up VERY WELL with the "Comix Zone Page 2" Test Drive entry for July 1995.

Are there any others I should look out for?


This is probably not confirmable in any solid manner, but my suspicion is that the Japanese ROMs in this set were all intended for Japanese Sega Channel.

When you compare what the ROMs are to what the confirmed Japanese Sega Channel game listing has, it looks like a solid chunk of them have already been listed elsewhere as being in Japanese Sega Channel at one point before. As far as I can tell, here's what is in the folder that is NOT listed (excluding the obvious Sega Channel-intended ones, gcan_sp, nyushi and planet) :

1) Puzzle & Action - Ichidanto-R (Danto)
2) Power Instinct (Gouketu)
3) Janou Touryuumon (Jannou)
4) Langrisser II (Lang2)
5) Assault Suits Laynos (Laynos)
6) Puzzle & Action - Tanto-R (Tanto)
7) YuYu Hakusho Prototype (Yuyu)

It's probably gonna be difficult to either confirm or refute this, but I would imagine if there's any evidence trail possible to pick up regarding this, it'd be in the Kyuukai ROM, since that is a game that was listed as being on Japanese Sega Channel before this was found, but has a different ROM than what the retail game has.

It might be worth noting that Danto and Tanto are first-party Sega, and Langrisser 1 being confirmed on Japanese Sega Channel makes 2 very plausible anyway.
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#258 User is offline Pirate Dragon 

Posted 08 August 2017 - 05:10 PM

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View Postevilhamwizard, on 27 June 2017 - 04:07 PM, said:

HPZ is going to write an article on this soon. We are still researching all that was in there, but we identified all the playable ROMs at least.

A couple of unique Primal Rage ROMs:
Posted Image
Primal Rage (Test Drive)
Primal Rage Showdown
Primal Rage (Rental Version)

The first is a series of ROMs that were used in an event to showcase the upcoming release of Primal Rage. An event was held starting August 1st to August 25th to allow subscribers to play a “Test Drive” version of Primal Rage in preparation for Primal Rage Showdown, an event that challenged players with a very tough fight for a chance to a win a Primal Rage arcade machine, along with 150 other prizes as well. The event was held on August 25th, and was followed by a rental version of Primal Rage with certain features cut that was only available for 24 hours. This version would also be used in subsequent months on Sega Channel as the main Primal Rage ROM.

Posted Image
Planet Message Quiz
Included in the archive is a folder of ROMs used for the Japanese release of the service. The service in Japan would sometimes offer unique games that have not been released or seen since. One of these is a game called “Planet Message Quiz”, a quiz game created to educate players on the solar system. This is the first time this game has been offered since the service went live years ago and would've been lost since.

Posted Image
Nyuushi Chokuzen Check Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai
Another special exclusive Japan-only game released in the service. This quiz game seems to have been created to test cram school students in Japan to help them pass their exams. This is another game that has also never been offered since the service was live.

Posted Image
Kyuukai Douchuuki (Prototype)
A possible prototype or second revision of Kyuukai Douchuuki was included in the archive for some reason. Out of all the games included in the archive (save for Primal Rage and the Sega Channel test ROMs), this was the only ROM that did not match the final released ROM. It only contains code differences, so we're not sure if it could be a prototype in disguise or just another revision (the header hasn't been changed to reflect this if it is).

Posted Image
Sega Channel Test ROMs
Included in the archive were many test ROMs that tested various menus throughout 1995. Aside from having access to the games, each ROM is essentially a time capsule as to what the service offered that month to its subscribers.

All the other ROMs included either match the final or are non working (there were some game help test roms that didn't work, save for one). We're also working on documenting all of the game guides as well. We've been working on this for several days so please stay tuned.

Awesome stuff!

Product codes;

Nyuushi Chokuzen Check Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai: T-19401
Planet Message Quiz: T-19402

T-194 was the code for We Net (ウイネット), who's name can be seen on those title screens. The only title that they were previously documented for was "Cubic Gallery" (1996-05-17) on the Saturn. It looks like Edutainment titles were their thing.

FEBSAMPL.BIN is January 1995, but it has the background for February 1995. The original background looked like this (New Years celebrations);

Posted Image

No ROM for February 1996, but 02MTCK96.RTF and GUID0296.RTF contain the contents for that month, it's possible that the graphics are included in other files, so it might still be possible to compile that month. I've updated the US schedule with the missing months from December 1994 - February 1996.


SEGA CHANNEL GAME GUIDE To return to Now Playing, reset your adapter.

It's interesting to see that the guide seems to have been a separate rom loaded in the same way as a game, thus requiring resetting the adapter to return to the main rom. It should be pretty simple to emulate loading the guide and games when those are selected.

There was a Mega Drive demo of the Pico title "The Berenstain Bears' A School Day", I don't think that was documented before.


This is a version of a game available only on the PICO.

The PICO is a learning device with storybook sotfware from Disney, Richard Scarry and more. Kids from 3-7 can count, spell, play games and animate their own cartoons. Plug into PICO, the computer that thinks it's a toy.


Only on Sega Channel! Preview the new PICO game Berenstain Bears' A School Day! Run the obstacle course or two other activities in this game made for Sega's PICO Educational toy!


Berenstain Bears' A School Day invites children to join their favorite bears for a day at school. You can play alphabet catch, run an obstacle course, and run a red light, green light race.

All of these exercises will offer plenty of positive reinforcement by giving children repeated opportunities to master each activity.

The skills and confidence that children build as a result should help to fuel their curiosity and desire to learn.

A day with the Berenstain Bears will show your children that school can be an exciting adventure and that learning can be fun!


Berenstain Bears' A School Day
Controller Functions

CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS(with a 3 or 6 button controller)

Alphabet Catch - D-Pad only

Obstacle Course - D-Pad to move. Buttons A, B, or C to jump

Red Light, Green Light - Buttons A, B, C, or D-Pad to run and stop

Start Button - Switches back to main menu to select another activity

Berenstain Bears' A School Day
Playing the Game

Alphabet Catch

This game helps children learn their alphabet and concentration skills while improving their movement skills from left to right. Your child controls the young Berenstain cub as Papa bear slowly drops letters from the big tree.

Obstacle Course

Run through a scenery of trees, ponds, logs, and small critters. You control the cub through this course while jumping over different obstacles. Watch out for them!

Red Light, Green Light

Race against sister bear and Uncle Berenstain in this stop and go race. When the light turns green, GO! When the light flashes red, STOP! See if you can win the race!

Garfield: The Lost Levels;


If you want to play a game that nobody else can, check out "Garfield: The Lost Levels" in the Test Drives category this month. This special version of Sega's new Garfield game has three levels not available in the retail cart!


If you get a kick out of Garfield, the crankiest cat around, then you're gonna love Garfield: The Lost Levels. These are levels that can't be found anywhere except on Sega Channel. So jump into Test Drives and get lost in Garfield's world.


This is a Test Drive of Garfield: The Lost Levels. This version of the game contains only three levels to play.

The Flintstones;


Yabba Dabba Doo! The Sega Channel has landed in Bedrock. The hit movie has made its way to your Genesis. Help Fred as he travels the land of Bedrock-battling hostile toads and a gang of Neanderthals.


Flintstones Ocean

Game Description

Not everyone is "falling" for Cliff Vanderclave...who has kidnapped Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm!

As Fred, you'll rescue them. But wait, Cliff has Barney, Betty, Wilma and Dino too!

To successfully rescue everyone, you'll explore every nook and crevice of Bedrock and the surrounding Jungle. Visit a real active volcano!

Wrestle hungry dinosaurs. Eat Brontosaurus Burgers. Navigate the Machine...

So put on your saber tooth, take off your shoes, and be your favorite Stone Age stooge in the rockinest adventure this side of Jurassic Park!

Controller Functions

Move: Press the D-Pad Left or Right.

Duck: Press the D-Pad Down.

Jump: Press the B Button. To grab onto ledges, continue holding the B Button and release the arrowpad before reaching the cliff.

Bowl: Press the D-Pad Up and press the C Button.

Throw Stones: Press the C Button. The longer you press the button, the farther you throw.

Club: Press the A Button.

Pause: Press the Start Button.

Volcanic Level

In this level Fred will need to use boulders to stay above the moving lava. To do this, press the D-Pad Left or Right.

Machine Level

In this level Fred will need to use a rotating platform to continue past the tracks.

Fred will also have all sorts of switches he will be required to use to continue past the tricky track.

To move the platform, press the D-Pad in the direction you wish to go before reaching an intersection.

To use a switch, simply stand as you are passing it. To miss a switch, just duck.

Playing the Game

Game Screen

Score: Here's how you're doing so far!

Time Remaining: Gotta keep rockin'! There's only a limited amount of time.

Fred's Head: This displays how much energy you have remaining. Each time you get hit Fred's face will change expressions.

Take three hits and you lose a life. When you start again, you will start with maximum energy.

Lives Remaining: (The number just to the right of Fred's head) This is how many more lives you have...use them wisely!

Bowling Balls: Displays how many bowling balls you currently have.

Stones: Displays how many stones you currently have.


Club: Use it in close combat, or to smash rocks for bonuses. Fred always has his club with him.

Stones: Used to hit enemies you can't get close to. You can pick up a stone you've already used and use it again, but you can only carry a limited number of stones.

Bowling Balls: Line up your enemies and bowl 'em down! You can pick up a bowling ball you've already used and use it again, but you can only carry a limited number of them.

Gems, Trophies & Coins: Earn bonus points for finding the goodies!

Fred's Head: Don't laugh! This earns you an extra life, or boosts your energy to "Well."



The Quarry:

Avoid the rolling boulders, don't mess with the jumping frogs, and club all the uncivilized cavemen! Keep climbing higher, and eventually you'll trip the secret steps.

Find the Big Caveman and you'll get a glimpse of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm...keep searching!


Off to the Cradle of Civilization! You're at the wheel, keeping Bamm-Bamm bouncing on the roof of his car.

Press the D-Pad Down to scroll down and look at Fred's car, then press the D-Pad to move his car.

The Jungle:

Show these Gorillas the business end of your club...and go bowling for warthogs! Watch out for the hidden Jungle traps as you work your way to a real battle with a saber-toothed tiger!

The Volcano:

Come on in, the lava's fine! Duck before you get scorched by the Volcano's molten core...and narrowly escape the rising lava.

Cowabunga-you can ride the lava wave to safety!

The Machine:

Cliff has wife-napped Wilma. Nobody wife-naps Wilma! Climb on conveyor belts, rising platforms and massive gears.

Avoid the threatening buzzsaws, giant stone blades...and give Cliff what he deserves-a great big piece of rock...right in the gut!

It's everyone's favorite fat cat and he's back for a second round of helpings in Garfield: The Lost Levels. Check out these cool, never before seen levels

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#259 User is offline Shoemanbundy 

Posted 08 August 2017 - 06:50 PM

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All of that Garfield text is on the CD? Did it come from any of those GARF files?

I wish there was a remote possibility the ROM is hidden in there somewhere.

#260 User is offline Pirate Dragon 

Posted 08 August 2017 - 08:01 PM

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They're just text from the sega channel files, game roms were loaded separately. The Lost Levels first appeared in February 1996, there isn't a rom for that month, and that's the last month there are any files for unfortunately.

#261 User is offline biggestsonicfan 

Posted 08 August 2017 - 08:03 PM

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View PostMeat Miracle, on 30 June 2017 - 04:05 PM, said:

View Postbiggestsonicfan, on 29 June 2017 - 10:23 PM, said:

View PostMeat Miracle, on 29 June 2017 - 03:11 PM, said:

View Postbiggestsonicfan, on 29 June 2017 - 10:09 AM, said:

EDIT2: howard #5 is fucking "Boss Opera" from Virtual Sonic.

Did we just come across source files for Virtual Sonic?

Boss Opera was found in the Comix Zone prototype many many years ago. Sound code #22 on the Comix Zone Beta is also a damn catchy tune, check it out.

Soooo.... was the entire Virtual Sega composition just converted GEMS files?

At least four of the songs was! Boss Opera, Spinball theme, Toxic caves, and the Sonic & Knuckles theme.

No, not just Virtual Sonic, "Virtual Sega", which was a bundled album line. The albums included are Virtual Sonic, Vectorman, Toejam & Earl (Sega Chanel), X-Men 2: Clone Wars, and Comix Zone.

They literally threw GEMS files to create the album. I wonder if all the samples could be found and studio quality versions of the Virtual Sega album line could be remastered!

EDIT: Has Nemesis been alerted that SEGA.EXE has been found? They considered this a top-priority above all else iirc due to it's specific nature in relation to development.
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#262 User is offline Asagoth 

Posted 29 September 2017 - 05:12 AM

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This is nothing new ... you must have seen this video before ... do you guys recognize the music that Howard Drossin is playing? Starts at minute 9:39... it's the theme used in the Sega Channel menus... i hope I'm not sharing something that you guys already knew... if it's the case just ignore it ..

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#263 User is offline Pirate Dragon 

Posted 23 November 2017 - 05:39 PM

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With regards to the GARF1220 file, presumed to be Lost Levels build 95.12.20 (retail Caught in the Act rom is 95.09). This Sega of America QA video from 1996 (filmed June 95 - Feb 96) features them downloading the latest builds in order to burn and test them. One of the files on the monitor is named "GARF1208" (Dated 12-08-95);

Posted Image
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#264 User is offline SaturnJaguar 

Posted 25 November 2017 - 12:22 AM

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View PostAsagoth, on 29 September 2017 - 05:12 AM, said:

This is nothing new ... you must have seen this video before ... do you guys recognize the music that Howard Drossin is playing? Starts at minute 9:39... it's the theme used in the Sega Channel menus... i hope I'm not sharing something that you guys already knew... if it's the case just ignore it ..

Ah! That appears on the Virtual Sonic album called "Boss Opera". The whole album is composed by Drossin.

#265 User is offline Pirate Dragon 

Posted 18 September 2018 - 02:32 PM

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Chilean commercial
Japanese and Taiwanese commercials

A little while ago I unsuccesfully tried to buy a Taiwanese Sega Channel CD that I thought might have been one of the local cable channel's monthly discs. It turns out that it was just a promotional VCD containing the commercials linked above.

Lots of info about the Japanese Sega Channel here.

He said he had it from June 1994 - May 1996, but it may have ran for different lengths depending on the local CATV operator. Some interesting things that I don't think have previously been documented;

Subscribers got a thick A4 book roughly every quarter with instructions for all of the games planned to be released over those three months (along with the months that those games would be available. He has un-numbered books June - August 1994 and September 1994 - February 1995 (this one seems to be the only book to not cover three months). After that he has quarterly books numbered 2 to 6, which implies that the first June - August book was #0. There have been contradictory reports on whether the Japanese Sega Channel started in June or September. I think that this suggests that it was probably just a limited test launch in June, with a full launch in September. He notes that he is aware of more books up until #8 (previously posted in this thread), which covered September - November 1996. So the Japanese Sega Channel probably ran from June 1994 - November 1996.

Contents from the June - August 1994 book list 40 games, with months for each game's availability. Each column adds up to 30, so we now have the first three months schedule (although it's a low res picture). The fact that they only rotated 40 games for the first three months (Japanese Sega Channel had 30 games/month) is another suggestion that this period was just a test launch.

It's noted that the Sega Channel logo was different at the beginning (in both the first two books and screenshots). Was there a different bios in the potential test period still to be dumped? If original test period adapters were replaced after the test phase then they might be quite rare.

Exclusive games; The previously undocumented (until the roms earlier posted in this thread) "Nyuushi Chokuzen Check Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai" and "Sega Planet Quiz" are noted with screenshots from the quarterly book, along with a newly documented game "LaSalle Ishii no Quiz! Kyoiku Iinkai". It's based off of "Nyuushi Chokuzen Check Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai", but starring the celebrity LaSalle Ishii instead of the Sega Channel bird. Presumably different questions. Incidentally, there was also a LaSalle Ishii game on the Famicom. Also noted are "Game no Kanzume Otokuyou" and "Dyna Brothers 2: Sega Channel Special", unless any other exclusives were released in late 1996 (which seems unlikely as SoJ had already dropped support for the Mega Drive by then) then that would seem to be the complete list of Japanese Sega Channel exclusives.

Early releases; Most games appeared on Sega Channel several months after release, but there were some exceptions. Alien Soldier had a preview version (I guess the equivalent of "Test Drive", which doesn't seem to have been as common as on the US Sega Channel) which released 95.01.01, quite a bit ahead of the full retail release date of 1995.02.24. Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct) released 1994.11.18 at retail, and 1994.12.01 on Sega Channel. I guess that this was a late decision as they seem to have sent out a separate Sega Channel branded manual for this game to subscribers.
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#266 User is offline Black Squirrel 

Posted 18 September 2018 - 03:01 PM

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That second video has a link in the description - there's a fair bit about the Taiwanese version too.

These are impressive finds!

#267 User is offline Black Squirrel 

Posted 18 September 2018 - 03:30 PM

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See, you've got me excited and I've gone and found things

Posted Image

Japanese Sega Channel merchandise that will need to be documented. Not sure if these were sent to subscribers - it seems an odd thing to buy from a shop.

This scan is taken from a Japanese publication known as "Jugemu" (じゅげむ) which apparently ran from 1995 to 1999. It's a gaming magazine, but you can forgive me for not noticing it before as most of the covers look like this:

Posted Image

Really screams "video games".

#268 User is offline Asagoth 

Posted 18 September 2018 - 03:41 PM

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Awesome findings! ... I'll have a beer in honor of you both... :)/>

#269 User is offline Black Squirrel 

Posted 30 October 2018 - 03:06 PM

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Did a bit of digging with Garfield: The Lost Levels. I knew nothing about this game and still probably don't, but people have poked this one before.

I did a couple of write-ups:

Garfield: Caught in the Act
Garfield: The Lost Levels

Half the internet's research relies on a T-shirt:

Posted Image
(and even then it's missing the pirate-themed stage)

The story goes is that the Mega Drive version of Caught in the Act shipped with 5 levels, the PC with 6, and the Game Gear with 7. The Game Gear accounts for Robin Hood and the vikings, while the PC has the space stage. A stage set in ancient Rome didn't make it anywhere.

All of these versions were handled by different developers, though there was an extensive design document that they were all working from. Each of these aforementioned levels were at least partially completed for the Mega Drive, but time, cartridge space and a general lack of fun saw things scrapped during the summer of 1995 after months of development problems. Some were previewed in magazines before then.

The Lost Levels was worked on by yet another team, which presumably took some of the leftovers and tried to patch them up for a release in 1996. But there seems to be confusion as to which levels were patched up, and indeed how many actually count as levels. All that is known is that Sega said there "three" of them.

The internet claims that these include the levels seen on the Game Gear, and a scrapped part of "Catsablanca" involving a train (that was axed so late in development that it appears on the US box). But that's 2½ levels at best, not three. Developers have gone on record to say that the space level was more-or-less completed but didn't fit on the cartridge (the Sega Channel service presumably wouldn't rectify this unless The Lost Levels only included lost levels), but that the Robin Hood level might have been mostly done too.

Cruicially though, it seems as if the weaker stages were taken out, so there's a good chance Garfield: The Lost Levels not only lacks all of the content from Caught in the Act, it may consist solely of half-baked designs that weren't much fun to play. Which is impressive given that Caught in the Act is already filled with half-baked designs that aren't much fun to play - even the developers don't know why they were forced to start with the horror stage*.

*fun fact: Bug Too and the original Gex start with horror stages. Gex even takes place in a TV - just like Garfield!

#270 User is offline ICEknight 

Posted 01 November 2018 - 05:20 AM

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View PostICEknight, on 27 October 2018 - 07:25 AM, said:

For those still interested, I just found out while browsing randomly that three GCITA-related interviews were posted last year over at Hidden Palace:
Garfield: Caught in the Act interviews

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