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In order to proceed, you must agree to the following:

Sonic Retro Registration Rules and Conditions

So, you're about to register here at Sonic Retro. Welcome!
Before doing so, please read the following two points. Not following them could very well lead to you being unable to participate on the very forum you are trying to register on!

You Will Be Required To Write One To Two Paragraphs And Be Approved By The Site Staff Before You Will Be Able To Make Posts Or Talk To Members

Validation; We're serious about it and we don't mess around. In the Validation Forum, the only forum you will have access to upon registering, you will be required to write a little bit about yourself. It isn't hard to get validated here, just make sure to read the Validation Guidelines and the other pinned topics at the very top of the forum and you should have nothing to worry about.

However, we have little patience for people who cannot follow directions, and so ignoring the pinned topics explaining the rules and guidelines on Validation will not reflect good on you nor your Validation post.

We Have A Taboo Against Bad Usernames

We do not allow having generic usernames (e.g. "Hyper Dark Sonic", "Coolman") or names with unnecessary numbers ("SuperShadow2841", "Bob420") on Sonic Retro. If you use the same username everywhere but find that yours conflicts with either of these, you may only need to modify it to work. This could be as simple as removing the numbers from your username ("Mikey" is acceptable, "Mikey19782" is not), although you may want to check and see if a member with that username already exists first!

If your username still conflicts, then pick something else altogether. As also explained in the Validation Guidelines later, choosing a bad username at this point will immediately reflect badly on your Validation post, as it shows you did not read these two points before registering in the first place. If, however, you do end up having a good Validation post, you will be offered the chance to change your username before being approved.

We do not feel either of these, or any of the Validation Guidelines, are asking for very much before you join us, so please take the time to look over everything properly before joining! We look forward to seeing you on the other side!