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Ripping Text from Pokemon Platinum.

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 06:50 AM

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For reasons I won't go into, I became curious about the dialogue of a generic NPC trainer in DPPt, Simply playing the game isn't an option(Blindness, plus I never got good enough at the minigame for G4>G5 transfers and would need to replay most of the story to access the trainer's pre-battle text), and after failing to find either the specific snippet or a full text dump online, decided to try my hand at making my own text dump.

I've gotten as far as downloading a US Platinum rom and using ndstool to extract it's contents, and it's my understanding that what I'm looking for is in msg.narc or pl_msg.narc with narc being a proprietary archive format and the text files within being either encrypted or in a non-standard encoding.

Google is giving me the run around trying to find a program to extract the narcs and convert the extracted files to plain text, often running into Windows-only applications or mention of a name without a download link or broken download links. thenewpoketext sounds like it might be a one stop solution, but while I can find plenty of tutorials on it, I can't find a download link that doesn't give me a 404.

So, can anyone help me with getting plain text out of these narc files? Please keep in mind that I'm working from the Linux command line and have no easy means of using GUI or Windows applications. i wouldn't turn down a link to an existing text dump either, but at this point, I might as well do my own just for the experience working with more esoteric file formats.

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