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Dust Hill description in an old magazine with pics and all

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Posted 11 March 2008 - 09:17 PM

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Oh christ, what did I start >_<

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Posted 01 May 2008 - 03:17 PM

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I don't think Dust Hill is the desert level for a simple reason: Sound tests.

This might be a stupid "Newbie" theory but so what. Oil Ocean loads the "Wrong" music. Come to think of it, the Oil Ocean music in the final sounds middle eastern, fit for a desert level. And lo and behold, that music is in the Prototype ROM.

Suppose for a second Oil Ocean was supposed to have the music that's in the Prototype ROM as is-I haven't seen any evidence that its a glitch. From what I've seen its rather intentional. Unlike Hidden Palace Zone, which MIGHT be a placeholder, because new music was obviously composed and inserted into the game which loads in the final. Even stranger is the placement within sound test:

81: 2P Casino Night/Beta Oil Ocean
82: Emerald Hill Zone
83: Wood Zone/Metropolis Zone
84: Casino Night Zone
85: Mystic Cave (Dust Hill) Zone
86: 2P Mystic Cave Zone/Hidden Palace Zone
87: Aquatic Ruin Zone
88: Death Egg Zone 1
89: Special Stage
8A: Level Select (Or drowning? Which one loads which number?)
8B: Level Select (Or drowning?)
8C: Death Egg Zone 2
8D: Chemical Plant Zone
8E: Robotnik Theme Music
8F: Sky Chase
90: Oil Ocean Zone
91: Oil Ocean Zone
92: Wing Fortress Zone
93: 2P Emeral Hill Zone
94: 2P Stats Music
95: Super Sonic Music
96: Hill Top Zone (Or is this ignored?)
97: Hill Top Zone (Or is this one ignored?)
98: Extra Life
99: End of Game
9A: Scoring Totals
9B: Game Over
9C: Continue
9D: Chaos Emerald Collection
9E: Chaos Emerald Collection
9F: Chaos Emerald Collection

The point here is, while these things are mostly out of order and seemingly meaningless, there's something notable: Why, if oil ocean is fairly well programmed, is the "music" for it with levels that are not in level select? I would argue it was intended for a board that was never programmed. If this is the case, then Dust Hill is certainly NOT a desert level. Of course, its impossible to prove this.

As far as all those people not understanding why Mystic Cave would be named Dust Hill...have you ever been inside a mountain cave? Have you ever noticed how dusty it is? Why on earth would a desert level be named dust hill, anyway; deserts are usually flat, with a few formations inside! I mean, let's just see the hard evidence: First, the drawing of a desert level is a mockup and its not clear if it was intended to seriously go into which game. Second, the mockup wasn't called dust hill. Third, we have a dust hill zonel. Can you people just drop the whole thing? Its stupid, and been going on for too many years. It makes you sound like fantasy driven newbies.

Please. Don't reply for three years.
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#108 User is offline Tweaker 

Posted 01 May 2008 - 03:37 PM

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I'm fairly sure we've established already that the "Dust Hill = Desert Zone?" argument has been shot down and doesn't hold any water no matter how you look at it.

As for the level slot that uses the Oil Ocean music, that's simply a leftover from the level slot extension if I recall. I am 95% positive that if the Desert Zone was ever in the game at any point in time, it was at a point where the game still used Sonic 1 sprites, music, and 256x256 metatiles. They would have made a mockup simply because the level itself wasn't in a very presentable state, so a compilation of existing tiles and enemy graphics were slumped together onto a single picture to create a scene that felt more "alive." They did the same thing for Hidden Palace, and we know that was in the game at some point—we even found graphics from the background in the ROM!

All of that said, I'm rather certain there's not really much more to discuss in this topic; it's simply here for posterity.

#109 User is offline clibinarius 

Posted 01 May 2008 - 03:39 PM

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Any way to close the thread?

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Posted 01 May 2008 - 03:40 PM

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Sure is. I'll do it now!

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