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The Making of Sonic Mania Sorry if this has been posted before...

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 03:13 PM

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Source Article

Today I noticed this excellent post on EuroGamer about the development of Sonic Mania. As a game and software developer myself, I love reading these kinds of articles, and found some awesome tidbits!

Some great quotes:


"It's interesting with Sonic," [Christian Whitehead] says. "There's a lot of different fans, and they all have different feelings on what Sonic is to them. So I can only use what my own personal feelings are for Sonic, and for me it's always been..."


"As a pixelart game we can change the art around, but just doing that alone isn't going to excite the fanbase. My questions were more like, with Chemical Plant - it has this industrial feel, but what else do chemicals do? So in Act 2 I was thinking of the chemistry set you had at high school, and from that idea we fleshed out the vertical gameplay concept with the rebounding gelatinous chemicals."

Here's a great one:


So, what's next for the team? ... Maybe he could turn his attention to some of Sonic Team's other classics. "Well," he says, "we joke about Burning Rangers all the time..."

A new Burning Rangers? With Whitehead's involvement? My ears are perked... ;)

On a side note, I have only recently finally gotten to the game (Mania itself, as my time for games these days is incredibly limited, between my music and software development careers.

However, I've made it to FBZ, and I am thoroughly, and incredibly impressed.

After 20+ years of waiting for a real new Sonic game since first getting Sonic & Knuckles for Christmas in 1996, experiencing disappointment after disappointment, watching the game company I loved so much make mistake after mistake until even their flawless last console couldn't save them, I'd just given up hope.

But here it is, finally; 'Sonic' for real, with endless fan-service to boot - it's beautiful to see these two people from this very community, who I've known for so long, bring that inspiration and light right back into me.

If you guys still read this, Stealth, Taxman, thank you. :) I played Retro Sonic on my DC back in the day and I fiddled *endlessly* with Project Mettrix, even bothering you with emails, Stealth, as like, a naive 13-year-old with stupid questions you still took the time to get back to. You guys kick ass.

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 03:17 PM

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Awesome post! It's lovely to see your adoration for the game, especially all this time later. This has been posted before (I think it was buried in one of the Mania threads - and never did get a dedicated thread like this one) and yeah it's the coolest interview Taxman ever did about the game. I think we had a fleeting discussion about what he'd likely work on next - but as the interview says he's very open.

I think it'd be cool to reignite discussion again as many would have missed this last time - and your post is bookended by very nice impressions about the game too - so good thread.
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