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Would you want to play test the engine?

1: If a build of the engine with some levels was released, would you download and play test it?

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2: If builds were released occasionally would you download them for testing?

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Sonic Engine (Unreal Engine 4) A Sonic Engine made in Unreal Engine 4 with no C++ code written!

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  Posted 06 January 2017 - 04:28 AM

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  • Project:Sonic on Unreal Engine 4
History of the Project:
Hey guys, this is my latest project, I haven't named it yet but I've been working on this engine for the past year on and off. The engine runs on Unreal Engine 4 and uses only blueprints, I have not written any C++ code. It all started when I downloaded Unreal Engine 4 and saw the potential the engine had. I started researching on how to implement 360 degree movement using blueprints, however everywhere I looked everyone said that such a mode of movement would be impossible to implement with blueprints only. Long story short I needed to know C++ to make a Sonic Engine in UE4. I chose to peruse this topic further and built a prototype that featured no 360 degree movement (so loops couldn't be used) but had gimmicks such as springs, dash panels, and boosting. Eventually I hit a dead end with the blueprint scripting and decided to scrap the engine around 2 months in due to complications with the movement.

Around September, I decided to revisit this idea, now having much more knowledge on how to use Unreal Engine 4, here is how the engine looks now.

Engine Features
  • Boost Gameplay Style
  • 360 Degree Movement
  • Common Sonic Game Gimmicks (Springs, Dash Panels, Dash Rings, etc.)
  • 2.5D and 3D Gameplay

Confirmed Levels
  • Green Hill Zone Act 1 & 2 (Generations)
  • Windmill Isle Act 1 (Unleashed)
  • Hydrocity Zone (Remake)
  • Terminal Altitude (Original Level)
  • Rooftop Run (Undecided)

*(Original Level) - This tag means that the level will not be ported from any other Sonic game and will be an original level.
*(Remake) - This tag means that the level will include remastered elements (like higher poly models or even a complete level remake from 2D to 3D).

Major Things Left To Do
  • Fix control rotation so it works like in Unleashed
  • Add QTE
  • Implement grinding (Code is there just needs to be implemented)
  • Better 2D path following
  • Animations
  • Smooth rotation when in air

The engine is still in a very early stage so I won't be releasing any game play builds in the meantime (maybe in the summer). However I look forward in hearing your thoughts and opinions about the engine //>/>/>/> . Any recommendations? Clearly there are things I don't know how to do however I am trying my best to learn.

[Engine updates are uploaded more on my Youtube channel.]

  • Smooth Air Rotation
  • Fixed Boost
  • Homing Attack
  • Animations :D
  • Bug Fixes
  • Grinding

Version 0.15:

Old Versions:

Version 0.1:

Version 0.04:

All feedback is greatly appreciated! //>/>/>/>
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