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SA2 Save Utility SA2 Save Editor/Converter for PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360 and PS3

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Posted 23 May 2019 - 11:39 AM

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Sonic Adventure 2 - Save Utility
A save utility for editing and converting Sonic Adventure 2 PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360 and PS3 save files.

  • Edit chao save files (PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360 & PS3).
  • Edit main save files (PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360 & PS3).
  • Save to any of the supported platforms (allowing for conversion between platforms).
  • Save/Load .chao files, duplicating chao (.chao files are always saved formatted for as PC chao, hopefully to allow support with other apps that use individual chao files).

All saves you load are backed up into a /backups folder, prefixed with the date and time you opened the file.

Known issues:
  • Some chao values you have may cause problems loading your chao, for example if you use a texture that's value is higher than the list of textures I have in the application.

To do:
  • More options for Main Saves (e.g. 2P unlocks, current theme).
  • More options for Chao Saves (Garden items, black market items, held drives/animals).
  • The ability to toggle between realistic and unrealistic chao values, currently some values can be set unrealistically(stats) and some cannot(tranformation magnitude).
  • SADX support. This may come in the form of another application or a rework of the current one to support loading of SADX files. I'll look into this once I have the SA2 support where I want it.


Main Saves:

Chao Saves:

Where to find the tool:
SA2SaveUtility - GitHub Page
SA2SaveUtility - GitHub Releases

Special Thanks:
Fusion: Some chao offsets obtained from Fusion's chao documentation.
MainMemory: Providing me with information regarding how the main save calculates it's hashsum.
Feather Icons: Providing the icon the application uses.

If you have any feature suggestions or issues with the application to report then feel free to let me know here or by opening an issue on GitHub(I actually added Gamecube support due to a suggestion made there), thank you!
The application is still quite early in development, even though the application should backup your saves I'd recommend manually creating one just to be on the safe side (I can only test so much by myself).
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Posted 11 June 2019 - 10:10 AM

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Lots of updates have taken place since I posted this thread, be sure to get the latest version at
Many new features and a lot of bug fixes.

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