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Sonic World Fan Game (2014- to date) Because there is not a thread for this one...

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 01:34 PM

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I am surprised with all the fan games mentioned, this one has not been given a thread or documented in the fan games section. Maybe because it is possibly being developed by people who aren't members here? I did notice it has the same title as a very old 2D fan game:

My link

It looks like this one has been going on since 2014 and is still being worked on and updated. It appears to be a very customizable fangame with add-on stages being developed all the time. It is more of a Sonic Adventure style game with level missions but they included many characters that are rarely seen in games and made some past NPCs like Marine playable. So far it is the only fan game I have seen with Tiara from Sonic X-Treme playable and even she has some fan-made voice acting.

In October, they have released version 7 of the main game and an optional unlock everything patch. Last time I played version 6 my older PC couldn't handle some of the custom stages or something so I am thinking about downloading the new version and giving it a try on my slightly better computer that actually has a graphics card. (I've heard AMD's are better than Intel's in that sense.) Here's to hoping it's less buggy than last time and that they'll keep polishing it up in the years to come.

If anyone else has tried this game yet, what are your thoughts on it?

I can already see various improvements over the last version. For one they actually added controller support and have default controller setups for Logitech, PlayStation and Xbox controller layouts and even those are remappable. Before, you had to use Joy2Key in order to use a controller.

It is kind of weird that they include the test stage as a main level, but it's a pretty easy one.
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Posted 06 July 2017 - 03:26 PM

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I've played it. It's fun to mess around with because I love games that have a lot of mods. Of course, with the nature of such a thing, the quality of a lot of the fanmade levels is often very poor and borderline unplayable. However there's a few good original ones, and some of the SA1\SA2 recreated levels are fun.

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 03:31 PM

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I mean who doesn't love the kind of level where it's "Kill 800 enemies, open box, hit switch, go to next area, kill 800 more enemies :specialed: "

But yea they got a nifty little thing here, it's just a lot of the levels leave a lot to be desired or are way too long. It's also not that good looking, but being built off such an old framework it might be time for them to scrap it and make an entirely new build. Of course that'd involve a lot more effort and work. Still though, it's neat.

Egg Factory is a fun level.

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 07:56 PM

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I've been having a pretty good time so far and I haven't even tried any of the mods yet. They did a really good job with Ray and Honey I think. Honey is very good with the physical attacks combined with the unexpected gliding and Ray runs extremely fast. Some of the built in levels really aren't my style. The mach speed levels can be a bit frustrating. At least it's like one big level select so nothing is really mandatory if you don't like it. Rusty Ruin remade in 3D while still having to get Flickies was a cool idea, but I'm still not 100% sure how I managed to open the laser gates blocking the exit. The 3D makes it difficult to find the lost Flickies if you lose them. At least in the original Sonic 3D Blast you could see where they went off to in the isometric view. Even though the game is a mixed bag, I am having a lot of fun with it and there are so many possibilities with mods. There is even a Goku character mod... I have no idea what to expect with that one.

I don't know if any of you are on and like to mod X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, but they've done a Goku mod there too. I was really interested in modding Marvel Ultimate Alliance but after installing the main character expansion mod which ads all the DLC exclusive characters like Cyclops, I couldn't get an individual character mod of Angel to overwrite one of the characters properly. I would follow all the steps and his character slot would just become invisible/blank. I am guessing maybe one of his zip file contents had the same name as another character and it might have gotten overwritten when I unzipped all the characters I planned on putting in. I'll have to start from scratch with installing the game and doing everything one by one. I haven't tried doing any other individual character mods after that attempt yet since he's the main one I wanted, but maybe I'll try modding X-Men Legends II first instead and just use their "all X-Men" mod which should definitely work and already includes him.

I am also interested in possibly getting the PC versions of some Sonic games especially Sonic Adventure DX since I've confirmed my newer computer is good enough for 6th gen games at least. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing threads on this board about Sonic Adventure hacking and the files structure of PC games is a lot more accessible to tinker with. I know from the original Xbox modding scene it is possible to take a console game, mod the files and rebuild an ISO to burn to disc (that's how they make those emulator discs with roms) but it sounds like it's a lot more complicated than dragging and dropping mod files directly into PC game folders or running cracks.

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Posted 08 July 2017 - 01:05 PM

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If there is one thing I think Sonic World needs to be absolutely praised for, it's the ideology of "Make every character play like an actual Sonic character." Yeah, some characters blend together and some are ridiculously overpowered or underpowered, but at the very least they can all go decently fast, Spindash, and all that jazz.

I'll fully admit it's probably my most played fangame at the moment, but it is also flawed to be sure. Still, if Sonic Team were to adopt this Adventure/Heroes-esque formula and refine it, I could really see it being a step in the right direction for 3D Sonic.

Also the Chao Garden is great, I dunno how I still get a kick out of these even after so many years.
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Posted 08 July 2017 - 06:01 PM

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+ Huge character roster with proper abilities and voices, and since everyone can haul as much butt as Sonic, you can stick with your favorites through the entire game. Also makes importing/designing levels a lot less painful since you don't have to keep other gameplay styles in mind.
+ Solid built-in controller support, and the on-screen button info helps avoid the need to memorize which button does what for which character.
+ Chao Garden. Surprisingly rare in fangames and a very welcome addition.
+ Mod support for characters and stages.

- No support for custom stage gimmicks or enemies means that all stages rely on the same, relatively small set of objects. What's present in the test level is pretty much all that the game has to work with and it starts to show after the first few stages you play through.
- Bug reports tend to be ignored and have been since the project's inception. On top of the usual clipping and physics issues that are par for the course with BlitzSonic, certain characters have been broken or overpowered since they were originally added, and the millisecond counter on the timer is desynced which makes it hard to accurately judge close records.
- The set of stages that the game comes with tends to clash stylistically, and some of them really feel like a major downgrade compared to their appearances in official Sonic games. I reckon this ties in to the game's lack of custom object/gimmick creation, but in any case, I hope the final release only includes the best stages out of the box and then offers the rest as optional mod downloads.

I've been holding out hope that the next revision will buff out most of the rough edges and make it feel less obviously fangame-ish, but from recent dev streams I've briefly watched, it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere aside from new stages, which is disappointing because it feels like it could be the Adventure-styled Sonic fangame with a little more polish and focus. All things considered, its latest appearance at SAGE was one of the highlights for me through sheer content and scope.
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Posted 08 July 2017 - 07:53 PM

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I really wish they would move to a new engine, maybe something in unity idk.
Blitz Sonic isn't... really good.

And i agree, there's not enough objects to really build a good level.

The only stage in the whole game i like is emerald coast, i like how they merged both "acts" into one.
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Posted 10 July 2017 - 06:35 PM

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The worst problem I had with the physics was with the pinball tables in that casino stage from Sonic Heroes. They did not get the physics correct so it was quite difficult to get out of there. Oh and if you play with custom made teams, you can get yourself into some difficult situations if everyone's abilities are the same. I decided to try out Tikal, Shade and Chaos at the same time on the Final Rush level and due to them all having less jumping ability I found myself gliding and climbing up awkward areas to progress. I did eventually manage to make it through though, so that means a solo game with any of those characters or Knuckles is still doable. I am kind of curious if there might be a way to rip this game's characters and hack them into the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX.

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Posted 20 July 2017 - 10:15 AM

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I really like this fan game, but I just don't like almost any of the levels being made for it. My main gripe is with their variant on Metal Harbour, which ditches the fun fast-paced style of the original for a long and drawn out level flooded with enemies. It just feels like a completely different stage.

Emerald Coast is excellent because it's just the original level and it's basically perfect. Also I like their version of Final Rush, even if it's not as good as the original in some regards, it feels like it could just be a different part of SA2's stage.

Honestly I just like being able to play as Ray so I'll probably keep playing it no matter what they do.

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