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Why I Don't Like Sonic Games

#76 User is online Laughingcow 

Posted 09 January 2019 - 11:46 AM

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View PostAdamis, on 09 January 2019 - 09:13 AM, said:

No, even Boom and 06 have their fans. I like Sonic 2006 myself and I've seen people praising Sonic Boom on Twitter.

...I'll admit, I'd stick up for Rise of Lyric as a simple generic beat'em up. Aside from the game being completely broken and buggy, it reminded me of the Crash Bandicoot Titan games. Not gold by any stretch of the imagination but perfectly salvageable as a simple multiplayer game (which was the initial pitch from my understanding). Though much like the Crash Bandicoot Titan games, Rise of Lyric is no substitute for the core Sonic gameplay we know and love. As a spinoff, it is perfectly fine.

#77 User is offline Sonikku2k 

Posted Today, 06:34 AM

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So lets lay it all out as to how I feel about every Sonic game. I cannot say "I don't like Sonic games" because that's too blanket a statement:

Off the top of my head
Sonic 1, 2 and 3 (the old platformers) - Fun to play with, sometimes the graphics is very much on my nerves, but that depends on how tired I am)
Sonic R - Its OK
Sonic Jam - This game to me felt like it was a re-hash of old stuff and it really didn't appeal to me
Sonic Adventure- Love it, enough said
Sonic Adventure 2- Love it, enough said
Sonic Shuffle- I was like... WTF when I got this game... Played it twice then sold it I think.. can't remember
Sonic Heroes- Aside from the confusing controls I had to get used to, it was pretty fun. I like this game
Sonic Unleashed - OMG NO... absolute garbage. Sold the game disk together with the XBOX 360. Played it for just under 67 minutes and decided NO FREAKING WAYS!.. A WEREHOG. WTF were you thinking Mr Lizuka!!!
Sonic '06 - Totally avoided due to the bad reviews and alleged beastiality. I pretend it doesn't exist
Sonic Boom- Bought it, played it once or twice, thought it was rubbish and sold it. Yuck! Junk aimed at 5 year olds and below.
Sonic Mania- Pretty good, seems SEGA is catching a wake up FINALLY. I play this whenever I am not playing Adventure
Sonic Lost World- Its a pretty slow Sonic game I mean that first level feels like Sonic has got lead in his shoes, but my kid enjoys it and it seems to get fun when Zavok and Zazz come along. Also that Lost Hex thing... erm... kind of totally out of context of the Sonic Universe
Sonic Racing games (Sonic Riders and Sonic Free Riders) - they're racing games which I am not really into.. the soundtracks seemed cool and the new characters did too
Sonic Generations- I really like this game, including its infuriatingly difficult bosses. Seems they were trying to pass this off as a Sonic Adventure 3. But it does fall short, I am not happy with the difficulty of boss fights compared to Adventure.
Sonic Forces- Now I had high hopes for this, from the outset it seemed to be good but I am afraid its a conversion of Sonic Generations plus too many characters into an attempt at appeasing Sonic Adventure fans.
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Posted Today, 08:42 AM

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View PostSonikku2k, on Today, 06:34 AM, said:


How do you feel about Sonic Colors?

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