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  1. In Topic: Sonic 2 Innovative

    13 January 2011 - 05:14 AM

    New version released! - beta 0.009

    For the lazy ones, download link is here.

    Main changes from the previous versions:
    > Sonic and Tails have their own Title Card colors.
    > Sonic and Tails have their own item colors (shields, invincibility).
    > Fixed correctly the level end transformation bug.
    > Title Screen Menu remade.
    > Level Select Menu partially fixed.
    > Green Hill songs changed again (now they really start).
    > Water Palace songs imported from Sonic 3D.

    Another changes are displayed at the topic's presentation.
  2. In Topic: Sonic 2 Innovative

    15 December 2010 - 12:43 PM

    New version released
    You can download version b.0.008 here.
    Main changes are displayed at the topic`s presentation.
  3. In Topic: Sonic 2 Innovative

    14 November 2010 - 04:17 PM

    I discovered my mistake concerning the music: I was considering XM Channels as Instruments.
    But, to deal with the XM conversion, the best thing I could do is split up my MIDIs and fix them on OpenMPT, then use xm4smps. I will post a minor version with the music fixes for Green Hill soon and a suggestion for the second level.
    For instance, I want to use something like Sky Sanctuary mixed up with Hydrocity. I will show a partial result soon.
  4. In Topic: So dynamic loading

    14 November 2010 - 04:09 PM

    But in Mushroom Hill 2, the dynamic palette change is done by a routine changing the palette, not within the tileset or PLC.
  5. In Topic: Sonic 2 Innovative

    14 May 2010 - 12:50 PM

    Minor release - b.0.007

    This release finally has the pathswappers fixed.
    Another things:
    > some art redrawing for giant loops;
    > new music for Green Hill Act 2 and Act 3;
    > revision of Green Hill Act 2 software scrolling.

    Download link: here

    Some things must be noticed:
    Maybe the new music doesn't sound good, because I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. If somebody wants to help me out, continue reading.

    I tried to convert some MIDIs up to SMPS format, using some information given by Eduardo Knuckles, DJMaster3K and HPZMan. For composing, I use Anvil Studio. For converting, I cross the MIDI format to XM format using ModPlug Tracker (OpenMPT) and, finally, XM4SMPS. But I don't know if the problem is around the composition, the voices I used, or Sonic 2 Clone Driver, or something else.
    I would appreciate a lot of help on this matter. And, if you can check out the MIDIs, here is the link: here.

    Ah, before somebody wants to flame me: I composed the two MIDI files on the pack based on another compositions, my own compositions and good ears. If you want to use those files for anything, you will need to finish them, since they are incomplete (this is not relevant for the problem I stated above); so, you are free to use them.