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  1. Would Knuckles Chaotix play better as a solo game?

    10 March 2017 - 07:59 PM

    I'm just laying here thinking about Knuckles Chaotix after just having watched a video about it. Would it be better if it played more like Sonic 3K?

    Like imagine running free, but having a button that when pressed activated the combusting, instantly spawning your partner at your current location, and pressing it again removed the ring. I think the spin dash would have to be beefed up and made similar to earlier Sonic games. I think all characters have the ability to climb or gain altitude, as well as being able to use the combusting at will to platform or get items.

    I'm not requesting someone to do this, I'm just trying to make an open dialogue on, if the cobiering was more optional and was more a gimmick instead of a core gameplay mechanic, would have it have been better. We could have had actual loops.

    I hope this an OK think to post about..
  2. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

    01 July 2015 - 06:15 AM

    Posted Image

    Its out right now for certain phones and devices. I had no trouble getting it to work in BlueStacks, and it plays with only some minor graphical glitches occasionally. Been playing it now for the past 20 minutes and it seems fun, but the upgrading that was present in the previous game has been swapped out for a Team system where you can swap characters when you cash out on your rings.
  3. Favorite level in each game.

    13 June 2015 - 12:41 AM

    Hey all. I'm in the process of writing up a report/analysis about Sonic the Hedgehog, and I was hoping that I could poll the forum for some information. One of the things that I am currently looking into is what levels in each game stand out among the rest and become fan favorites, and seeing if any trends show up like similar trope or placement of the level relative to the rest of the levels. I've gone ahead and made the surveys on SurveyMonkey, including almost all of the games from the main series to stuff like SegaSonic, to mobile games like Sonic Jump. Unfortunately due to how SurveyMonkey handles free users, I had to split the surveys up into six different ones. Another quick thing I would like to mention is that I omitted most all boss stages, as I'm not looking into that aspect of Sonic yet. Anyway, here are the surveys.

    Hopefully the surveys should only take around five minutes to do. I appreciate any and all help I get towards this. But yea, I suppose this could turn into a general Favorite Level topic while the results come in.
  4. Sonic Free Riders not working?

    29 April 2012 - 01:51 PM

    I bought Sonic Free Riders a while back now, but only recently was I able to actually play it. When I start up the system, it goes through the sega screen, then it just stops at a white screen with a small man in the top left. Is anyone else having this issue? There seems to be no way to progress past this screen, and the manual does not mention anything about this. I believe I have all the patches for the game. Can anyone help me?
  5. Would you want another Sonic racing game?

    31 May 2011 - 06:14 PM

    I am a fan of racing games. I enjoyed Sonic Drift 1 & 2. I loved Sonic R, and I think that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was one of the best kart racers in recent years. There were things I liked and disliked, but if they announced another Sonic based kart racer, do you think you would buy it?

    I don't really know where to take the topic, but I do want to talk about what should be in the next game if they decide to make one. I really enjoyed how the drift system worked, but I would have liked if they had an Automatic option similar to how Mario Kart Wii handled it. I liked the track selection, but I wish it had more variety to them, instead of having 3 tracks with the same coat of paint, and just a different layout.

    One thing Im indifferent about was the SEGA part of "Sonic & SEGA". Sonic is their flagship brand, and he can bring along a racing game with his own friends. Some of the characters in All-Stars Racing retained no market appeal. Robo and Mobo? Opa-Opa. The guys from ChuChu Rocket? I appreciate what they tried to do with the game, but at the end of the day, they want sales, and I'm sure characters like Blaze, Rouge, Silver, or hell even Classic Sonic without a kart Sonic R style would draw in more crowd appeal.

    The game had 20 Characters (Plus exclusives and DLC), while competing kart racer had 24. I'm not saying more is better, but we can round out a fair number of characters using just the sonic universe. The 4 teams from Heroes. Throw in the Babylon Rogues, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Metal Sonic, Eggman. Hell, if you want to stretch the characters, use common enemies like the Eggpawn, the lost cast from Sonic the Fighters, or the 3 Super Hedgehogs. If they really want to pump up console exclusives, we could have another Banjo situation. Mario for Wii and Ratchet for PS3.

    The levels could take a page from Generations, going through Sonic's history selecting the best levels, or even mimicking Mario Kart and picking locals from more recent games. It would also be nice if the game kept up with DLC, instead of talking about it, and releasing one track and character.

    I'm not quite sure on the power ups. I didn't mind what was there, but I bet we could come up with some better ideas.