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Help repairing a Model 1 Sega CD, no guides match mine. Insides do not match guides/videos.

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 06:59 PM

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I recently got a used Sega CD Model 1, and I am having three issues with it:

1. The CD Tray always get caught about 2/3rds of the way in, jiggling it allows it to go all the way in. It DOES eject just fine (from my understanding, most of them that have problems won't open at all).

2. Audio is scratchy.

3. It seems to have issues loading CD-R games, is this normal for a Model 1?

I tried to lookup as many teardown/repair guides and videos as I could to see if I could at least fix the tray getting stuck issue.... but when I opened it, it was nothing like what the guides showed (and yes, I specifically looked for Model 1 guides). None of the gears are in the right place, the optics seem to be made by JVC instead of Sony, and there was a screw in the CD Tray I had to remove in order to get it out. The entire CD drive itself is drastically different from any other guide I have seen.

This is what the drive looks like with the CD Tray removed:

The tray was definitely not fitting correctly though, since even retracted it was clearly preferring to lean on one side instead of be centered.... but I could not find any slots or grooves that it was out of place on, nor anything broken or missing that could be failing holding it correctly.

What model even is this? Any advice on how I can try to address any of these issues?

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 03:59 PM

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I'm not an expert on repairs but I have a model 1 as well which I've had to tinker with in the past.

1. It sounds like there may be either an issue with the mechanism inside or possibly the belt. You can see an example of how the tray opens and closes in this video I found: ... As he mentions in the video there is a possibility that a gear could be stripped or damaged from use, or that there may be an issue with the belt. Normally with model 1s they tray won't open at all because the belt snaps but since yours opens and closes still, albiet with issues, I would assume it's the gear(s) or other part of the tray mechanism. I saw that you opened up yours already- was there nothing that seems out of place? No stripped gears? I'm assume you can also reapply lubricants/grease as well where they are needed.

2) I believe this most likely is due to bad capacitors. Model 1s are known for having caps go bad since they are getting on in age.

3) My model 1 is the same. It can load normal games without issue but has trouble reading CD-R games. I believe it's possible that this too can be caused by bad caps, but you can adjust the laser power. See this article here that describes how you can adjust it: http://www.theisozon...and-adjustment/

Any details you can provide on your variant? Does it simply say it's Model 1690?

Hopefully some of this information can help.

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