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Sonic 1 with Redbook Audio (Essentially Sonic 1 with CD audio)

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 10:05 PM

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I take back what I said about agreeing with Iron Sonic after seeing his most recent post in this thread.

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 10:40 PM

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You're making yourself look ignorant. I was the one who helped theocas work out how mode 1 works. You've probably got some of MY code in yours! :eng101:

I disassembled your startup code when I read there were problems with s1m1 to see how it differed. I figured I'd let you know what you were doing wrong so you could fix it. Sorry for trying to be helpful. YOU are the kind of person that makes hackers disappear, not me. I make the scene possible by helping everyone who asks, and making all my code and tools open. You're welcome. :rolleyes:


tl;dr This is why Retro can't have nice things.

You're talking about yourself, of course, not even realizing it. :specialed:

I know you helped him out by giving him information. He, nor I, asked for a single bit of code from you. And I have read those logs, so I'm not an ignorant fool that knows nothing about that conversation.

As for your ideological stance, I just find it funny that you hold us as the people that are making hackers disappear. Especially when, in the original scheme, we were going to clean up and improve the source so that people could do far more than just play audio with it, as well as include a wiki full of documentation that would complement it along with give documentation for a ton of other data. Now that you've decided to go and shit on our plans, we've just given the community a highly watered down version that does only what S1M1 does. You're telling me that hackers rather want a limited code base that does little instead of a product that could have done loads more. Yeah, we're really trying to make hackers disappear by working to make a product that everyone can use and do far more with...

Anyway, this is the last response theocas and I will make concerning S1M1. All of you got your source. We have nothing more to say on this matter that won't start a shitstorm. Look at us as good or bad, we don't care. Call us dickweeds, cunts, assholes, the cause of disappearing hackers, or whatever else any of you come up with. We're done.

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