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  1. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    07 July 2017 - 08:58 PM

    View PostAmnimator, on 07 July 2017 - 06:32 AM, said:

    People are mainly complaining about them using the boost formula again because this game looks closer to a regression in the gameplay. They remove quickstep and drifting, inherent parts of the formula there since it's introduction. The whole reason boost Sonic controls so badly is so much of the challenge comes in maneuvering Sonic, eg.) quick step and drifting. The animations as well as player control also happen to look noticeably more stiff than Unleashed, Colors, or Generations.

    Someone else already responded to this, so there's no need for me to add much to this.


    People are mainly complaining about the custom character because it doesn't really add anything to the game. It's just kind of there and looks cheap in a R&D standpoint.

    The custom character is there so that it adds a different playstyle in the game that focuses on Wispons and it was there for the sake of the fans who have made their own characters and wanted one of their own to be a part of a Sonic game. Both of those purposes are not trivial.


    People are mainly complaining about Green Hill because it's basically Generations Green Hill but worse, meanwhile Mania has a remix of Green Hill with its own set of tropes. People also complained about Green Hill in Mania, just not to the same extent because it's not as bad of an offender.

    Sonic Mania's Green Hill hardly does anything different aesthetic-wise and its purpose in the game is the same as it was in Generations. Sonic Forces's Green Hill, in contrast, is much more different from the original aesthetic-wise compared to any other counterpart and remade version. Classic Sonic's Green Hill stage in Sonic Forces is structured like a classic stage more than the Generations one was. I consider any reasoning that people give in favor of Sonic Mania's Green Hill to be poor excuses.


    People are mainly complaining about them not changing the boost mechanics too much because we got 3 3D boost games with very small changes in the formula. Most here also agreed boost gameplay has potential, they're just not reaching it.

    You seem to have misread. I stated that people complain about the boost games not sticking with mechanics and improving those, which is the complete opposite of what you're trying to argue. This is also a completely unreasonable thing to complain about because the very few things that have noticeably changed don't even matter in the grand scheme of things. You were also just wrong about them removing important mechanics like the quick-step from the game. Also, what particular aspects of potential do you think are not being met? Compared to Unleashed, Sonic Generations controls much better and Sonic Forces appears to be making further improvements. Also, this talk about few alternate paths in the Boost-style games is blatant evidence of people not knowing the games that they prefer. Even starting from Sonic Adventure, the level design has mainly been linear with alternate paths usually located at the sides and typically lets you either skip a section or get rings. However, guess what? That isn't different from how alterate paths worked in the Classic games. I'll expand upon this.

    Regarding the previews that Yeow posted, these are merely just the parroting of "Only the Classic games were good", a sentiment that is expressed by and also forced by members of this section of the fanbase. This is not surprising to anyone that has paid attention to articles like this. Moreover, it's evident that none of them would really like the old games if their complaints toward Sonic Forces were applied to them. For example, the person who wrote the Apptrigger article complains about how they want to go fast, yet they needed to slow down to deal with obstacles. I wonder what Sonic games they thought they were playing. You always needed to slow down for platforming in the Sonic games, people here like to say that Sonic games aren't just about going fast, and this person is complaining about the Homing Attack as if it's some new thing. If they played Sonic 1 and judged it by the same grounds, then they would no doubt hate it. There is one of the others that complain about the different types of animal that the custom character can become not controlling different enough, but that was generally the case in the classic games, too. The Wispons and the associated Wisps are what makes the most difference, anyways. In the end, none of these preview articles are worth considering. Many of these so-called issues boil down to them not wanting to put effort in maintaining speed through the stages and only want a game that is as easy as Sonic 3 & Knuckles, a game that gives you sections that freely provide speed and its associated reward.
  2. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    06 July 2017 - 03:51 PM

    View PostStink Terios, on 06 July 2017 - 03:02 PM, said:

    Also lol at implying Sonic fans won't buy a title just because it's bad.
    Also it's Generations 2, it's gonna be mediocre at worse. The sound direction being the worst part so far.

    If they're going to buy the game anyways after complaining about how bad it will be, then they know only how to talk. They should cease their pointless whining until they've played it for themselves. All complaints about the main theme have been due to the lyrics being cheesy as they have generally been in the Sonic series, and complaints about the Custom Hero's stage themes are due to them not being dark and brooding. They're motivating instead, which people here have so much problems with. There aren't any problems with the sound direction when these aspects have been intentional.

    View PostShaddy the guy, on 06 July 2017 - 03:05 PM, said:

    [Lots of people like His World who still dislike 06, you know.

    Completely irrelevant to how people react to this particular game. Besides, a lot of people like to ignore the multitude of good Sonic games that have been released only when it suits them as a justification for their pessimism and constant complaining about the majority of things in this game.

    View PostDarth Taco, on 06 July 2017 - 03:22 PM, said:

    Limitcrown are you just being contrary for the sake of it? Everyone who has said they don't like it explained why they like the Adventure brand of cheese and not this. How do you know we were set against it from the start?

    It's another justification for the nostalgia that people can't let go of. There is hardly any difference between the quality of the Adventure games' songs' lyrics that are similar to the ones in Sonic Forces's main theme. Despite this, people pretend that there is something inherently different between them when the placement of the songs could switch and you wouldn't be able to say that. Also, I can tell that people were set against it from the start by looking at the reasonings for the arguments that were made in the first place. The majority of these stem from Sonic Forces not being just like the Adventure games, whose quality is constantly exaggerated compared to the other 3D Sonic games. You see complaints of them using the Boost gameplay style again. You see complaints about the custom character feature even existing because of memes about Deviantart and the fact that people care far too much about other people's ideas and fan artwork. People complain about them not reportedly doing anything new with Green Hill or including it for an anniversary Sonic game while generally expressing more praise for the stage in Sonic Mania. There are complaints of them not sticking with their mechanics when the boost gameplay style hasn't been altered to a great degree unlike the Adventure games. Pretty much every single little thing regarding this game has been complained about from the start and those complaints give the impression that people were overly pessimistic from the start and would try to not like the game regardless of its actual merits.
  3. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    06 July 2017 - 02:55 PM

    If you were already planning on not buying it and judged it already to be bad, then it's no wonder that you'd hate the main theme of the game when its lyrics were revealed. Other than that, these complaints about the lyrics rely on them completely ignoring the premise of the game's plot and the role of the custom hero. It isn't that the lyrics are bad; you've just decided to preemptively hate it from the start. Also, to call all Sonic songs with lyrics bad from the start is just an example of deciding to judge something in an arbitrary manner.
  4. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    06 July 2017 - 02:21 PM

    It's disappointing that people don't even remember aspects of the series that they claim to like. This section of the fanbase has so much cynicism toward this franchise that I doubt that any of you really like it. Even if Sonic Forces was good gameplay-wise and storywise, you'd no doubt find small things to complain loudly about, like the lyrics to a song being like the ones in other main Sonic songs. "The ones in older Sonic games were so inherently unique and didn't try to be cheesy", except this obviously isn't the case.
  5. In Topic: Sonic Forces

    06 July 2017 - 02:01 PM

    Oh look, people complain about Sonic songs having cheesy lyrics, as if that wasn't the case since the Adventure games or that songs like Endless Possibility and Reach for the Stars don't exist. I'm not sure what is to be expected. Also, if you like the song after listening to it a few times compared to when you listened to it the first time, then it's possible that you unknowingly prepared to prematurely dislike it and got over that afterwards.