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Shenmue 3 But only if you fund it yourselves says Sega...

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Posted 25 February 2019 - 09:20 PM

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View Postsaintminya, on 25 February 2019 - 04:03 PM, said:

That was one good read, wish I had a physical copy of the magazine though.

You'll be able to buy it with international shipping here when the issue becomes available later this week. And while you wait, you should buy this brilliant magazine called Retro Gamer, which is from the same publisher but even better. I hear that the staff writer for that magazine is handsome, talented and incredibly humble.

#332 User is offline sonicblur 

Posted 09 March 2019 - 12:29 PM

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New Trailer:

Overall I like it. This is the type of trailer we needed. Some animation is rough, yet in other parts of the trailer it looks fine. The PS4 button HUD can be seen at 1:49, which furthers my theory about the trailers being captured on PS4 hardware. (I previously speculated that the framerate drops in the prophecy trailer were a result of them capturing directly on PS4 instead of using a powerful PC.) Performance seems good in this trailer with no noticeable dips, but maybe I'll run an analysis on it tonight to confirm.
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Posted 10 March 2019 - 04:24 PM

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Why do some characters look like caricatures and others look kinda...generic?

#334 User is online Black Squirrel 

Posted 11 March 2019 - 04:39 PM

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Oh they've found a lost episode of Captain Scarlet. Nice.

This isn't good enough for Shenmue. The movements aren't natural, the eyes are god-awful and yeah, the design is totally inconsistent. Shenmue was grounded in reality to the point where it was trying to mimic real 1986 weather conditions - you can't have a character's big lips clipping through half their face when they talk.

It actually animates similar to the Sonic Adventure 2 cutscenes, where even the act of standing still saw the cast wobble all over the place. Except that was 18 years ago.

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Posted 11 March 2019 - 05:43 PM

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I've been an ardent defender of the game since it's announcement at E3 2015 - and I've been very forgiving of most of the media they've released so far, defending the game with statements like "it's early in development - they still have years to polish this thing" but yeah ultimately we're 5 months out now from release and this just simply isn't good enough. It looks cheap, rough-looking and very unfinished. And as we're rapidly approaching release with mere months left of development and therefore very little time to refine this, I think we're looking at a critically slammed 6/10 game as it stands. Shenmue had this immersive, state of the art, realistic feel to it that pushed the Dreamcast to its limits that's ominously missing here in favour of a bizarrely stylised anime look - that was probably adopted for financial reasons - that means so much of this just looks unappealing and off. Some of the character models are just straight up bad. I mean, it's early in promotion, we could see a better trailer in the coming months or at E3, but I was very disappointed with this. If I were pushed to say something positive - the fighting engine looks great? Voice acting is good? But honestly that's about it.

I still have a bit of hope, but this game needs a quantum leap of improvement until release or it's just going to get destroyed in reviews. And I say that as someone who backed the game.
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#336 User is offline sonicblur 

Posted 11 March 2019 - 07:17 PM

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View PostAerosol, on 10 March 2019 - 04:24 PM, said:

Why do some characters look like caricatures and others look kinda...generic?

That was argued back and forth already earlier in this thread. Exaggerated characters is something the series had already done in the first two games, especially with many of the fighters in Shenmue 2, but the difference then was the art style skewed more towards realism in the originals. I don't think they have the budget to be able to match something like Uncharted or Detroit, so they gave everything a slightly stylized look. That's my take on it, and as before I'm fine with it. At least the returning characters look nice now.

View PostBlack Squirrel, on 11 March 2019 - 04:39 PM, said:

you can't have a character's big lips clipping through half their face when they talk.

It was really just the overweight man who had that problem, everything else wasn't as wonky.

View Post360, on 11 March 2019 - 05:43 PM, said:

I mean, it's early in promotion, we could see a better trailer in the coming months or at E3, but I was very disappointed with this. If I were pushed to say something positive - the fighting engine looks great? Voice acting is good? But honestly that's about it.

I agree that the fighting looks great, I was worried about them diverging too much from the originals and that detracting from the experience but it looks like things will be fine there. Not mentioned in my post (because we only have off-screen pictures of it) was the new battle screenshot shown during the conference. They explained the battle system a bit more and showed a screenshot featuring one of the returning moves (Tornado Kick) being used in battle. Battle will have two modes, Manual and Automatic. Manual works like players of the previous games are used to where button combos are used to execute specific moves. Automatic mode allows you to map a handful of moves to individual buttons and easily use those moves in battle. The font used for the move text looked just like an HD version of the font from the original games.

I see the flaws in the cutscenes, but they don't bother me personally. Some of them can probably be cleaned up before release. I should mention that the awkward fighting stance at 1:40 in the video is actually mentioned in the April 2019 Edge Magazine article posted a couple weeks back. The article describes this scene in particular, in that Ryo has to sit like he's riding a horse and keep his balance as part of the training mini game. That clip stood out as really awkward when watching the trailer, but after someone pointed out the connection and you know what's going on you realize it's not a mistake.

Some people noted the August 27th date missing from the end of the video, but apparently August 27th was re-confirmed at the event. Another person noted that the trailer video was actually encoded on January 25th, so the footage was about 6 weeks old by the time they showed it. Cedric Biscay confirmed last month that the game was already playable from start to finish, so at this point they are probably entirely focused on filling in the rough edges and placeholder bits. I don't expect them to change the art style, but I do think they're going to clean things up more. I think August 27th is still feasible, so hopefully they are still on schedule. It was also mentioned at the event where this was shown that this is actually an excerpt from a longer trailer which Deep Silver will use again at an event in the future. Maybe that version will be touched up?

This will probably be a decisive game either way, but so were the originals.

Edit: IGN Japan posted their impressions of the gameplay demostration.

Some interesting bits from the article:
- Like the previous games, this one is fully voice acted - Even more than the previous games. However, there are some NPC's that you not be able to interact with this time.
"I didn't really look into it, but Shenmue III might have become the most spoken game in the industry so far. The translation company was also surprised (laughs) by the way, this is all fully voiced" - Yu Suzuki
- Bailu Village + Chobu combined are about as large as the Hong Kong area (discs 1 & 2) of Shenmue II.
- You can use the analog trigger to zoom the view and look around in first person like in the previous games, but now you can also walk around while zoomed into first person. There's also camera control with the right analog stick like most modern games.
- One in-game day (morning to night) is about an hour of real time, like Shenmue II was.
- The magic weather system returns, and if it rains in the morning small puddles will still be around late in the evening.
- As previously mentioned in the EDGE article, you can buy different clothes for Ryo from the in-game shops and change at any time from the menus. You won't be able to do this with Shenhua or Ren, but they are thinking about possibly adding it for an update after launch.
- Shenhua's design / clothes were slightly changed to give her less of a tomboyish appearance so that it would be easier to give her character charm and individuality. However, the changes are faithful to her character as was introduced in the previous game.
- The writer talks about the NPC designs, pointing out that while they are not up to par with a AAA game the characters still hold importance more so than generic NPC's in other games and he expects them to hold up strongly from that perspective. "Many fans said thought the previous trailer was 'Not cool' and I felt uncomfortable, but the latest trailer was much better. Moreover, it seemed to be more cool in the game play video that I was shown, and I never thought, 'this is not cool'.
- Suzuki-san wanted some of the mini-games to be better linked to the story. For example, you can use the money you earn from the chopping wood part time job to play a mini-game and get a technique scroll for winning. The author compared this to the lucky hit board in Shenmue 2 where you could get move scrolls, but presumably it wouldn't be as hard as that one was.
- Pawn shops return from Shenmue II, but now you can exchange items for other things besides money like important items or move scrolls. Pawnshops may get rare items to more you use them.
- It goes on to talk about the training, battle system, and food stuff discussed in the EDGE article.
- There are 4 difficulty levels in the game
- All battle animations have been reworked from scratch, no assets have been reused from the Virtua Fighter engine.
- Since the battle system was redone from scratch and that was difficult, there are no throw moves this time. (Needs better translation / confirmation.)
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