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  1. Sonic Retro Podcast #3.5 - Sonic 4 Super Bowl Special!

    08 February 2010 - 05:16 PM

    In a spur of the moment decision, the Sonic Retro podcast crew decided to get together last Saturday for a Sonic Retro podcast special focusing around discussion of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Participants this time around include Tweaker, InstantSonic, Spexfox, JackSkellinghog, Slingerland, Aquaslash, Katzu Niku, and David the Lurker. We're a bit late for making the Super Bowl, but Instant was a bit sick and needed to eat more RINGS.

    A bit of a heads up—this one is a bit longer than the most, clocking in at about two hours. Also, my sound quality sucks this time around for no good reason. Sorry about that! Hopefully you enjoy our extensive coverage of the things on the table right now when it comes to Sonic 4; we tried to cover as many elements of the game as possible, though an obvious classic bias would be expected from Sonic Retro. ;P

    Check it out!
  2. Sonic 2 Clone Driver

    03 January 2010 - 07:54 PM

    A couple of years back (the original file is dated 6/18/2007), me and Puto worked together to create something neat that would encourage music hacking a hundredfold for Sonic 2 hacks—a clone of Sonic 2's music and sound using Sonic 1's 68k SMPS sound driver. The idea was that it would make music hacking a bit more uniform and possible in Sonic 2 without the user having to fight with the compression, banking and specific alignment issues of the Z80 SMPS driver that are prominent unless you have specific knowledge of the Z80. For all intents and purposes, this job was accomplished fairly well with little-to-no longstanding issues. Today, we're going to present that work—work that was for the longest time limited to a case-by-case basis in regards to distribution. The observant may have noticed several hacks already use this for custom music—Sonic 2 Revamped, Sonic 2 SMTP, Sonic Boom (hack), and Sonic 2 Retro Remix, just to name a few.

    In the following pack of files include every piece of music and sound effect from Sonic 2 ported to work in 68k SMPS format, as well as edits to the sound driver to include the extra DAC samples used in the game. Admittedly, not all of these are 100% perfect; in a few cases the tempo is off by a few ticks and a couple of sound effects have issues we were never able to fully work out for whatever reason. However, this is a very strong and acceptable basis to throw into any hack and have the results largely indistinguishable from the original game. Ideally speaking, anyone using this driver in their hack is going to replace the music anyway, so this is very likely to be a non-issue.

    Sonic 2 Clone Driver

    NOTE: This requires having already ported the Sonic 1 sound driver to your hack to actually work.

    To use the clone driver, simply replace the relevant files in your disassembly with the ones included in this pack. We used jman's custom DAC driver to simplify adding the new samples; you're free to replace this if you wish, but it should work fairly well for any given purpose.

    Credits go to myself and Puto for the music ports and driver edits, and jman for the custom DAC driver and 68k frontend. If you decide to use this in your hack, do us a favor and leave us a small mention—we'd appreciate it. smile.png

    Enjoy! Hope to see this put to good use.
  3. Account Security

    27 October 2009 - 10:51 PM

    It appears several of you have never read this topic or got the mass email we sent regarding the incident. Allow me to reiterate:

    Several banned users such as Tongara and x64—widely associated with spinoff community PoundStuff—have had found their IPs and useragents matched to several compromised accounts of users who never got our original mass email regarding a database hijack. Among users who have been found to have had their accounts hijacked include (but are not limited to) Yarharhar, Ashura2k, Blue Cheese, and Perfect Chaos Zero. Each of these users have had their passwords reset and an email sent their way regarding the security of their account.

    THIS HAS NOT STOPPED BECOMING AN ISSUE. If you have not changed your password since we made this initial announcement, your account is still at risk. Several members in the oldbies group in particular have already had their accounts compromised; users with higher-level forum access are far more likely to be subject to abuse, so it's strongly advised that if you have not changed your password as of the database compromise that you do so immediately. If you changed your passwords as of our previous mass email, your account is still safe.

    Examples of the negative consequences of such account hijacks can be seen in this forum topic.

    Please bear with us as we try and keep this apparent breach in account security as painless as possible.
  4. PlaySEGA Sonic Level Creator

    13 September 2009 - 11:57 AM

    LiQuidShade posted the following at Zone: 0's forums:
    QUOTE (LiQuidShade)
    Through an aimless wander on wikipedia this morning I wound up on Sega Europe's site, where I noticed an ad to play Sonic 1 for free. Hmm, odd. I clicked and found that it's an online service called Play Sega allowing users to play certain games in their browsers. It seems to be a subscription service, but you can have a free trial, hence the "free" bit.

    Then I found something very very interesting. They also have a Level Creator feature. "Not for Sonic though, surely!", I thought, but in fact, YES! For Sonic! Check it out:

    There are three custom made levels made by users, which you can play without having to sign up for anything. They're all based on this same tropical paradise level, so I'm guessing that's the only type available, but it's interesting to note that although some graphics are identifiable from certain existing levels, they nonetheless make up a unique level, and not just standard Green Hill Zone graphics, as you might expect. It also has original background music.

    This is the first time, as far as I'm aware, that Sega have ever officially given fans the option to make custom levels. What do you think, could it be a significant trend they're exploring? Why haven't we heard about this until now? Could it even make use of Taxman's Sonic editor tool that he was supposedly in talks with Sega about? Discuss!

    The level creator, whilst made in Flash, has surprisingly accurate physics and is very competent in play. The custom level available for use so far looks absolutely majestic, using the popular nick-bits-and-bobs-from-various-existing-levels technique to create something very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and pretty fun to play to boot! The currently available levels aren't necessarily complex, but they're a pretty good example of the kind of things you can do with this engine.

    What do you think? Is this an upcoming sign of something fresh and new? Do you think the upcoming Project Needlemouse might take inspiration from this concept and also sport a level creation system? Do you think this concept will take off, or just sit around and fail due to being a flash application instead of something proper? Discuss!

    And by the way, I call dibs on claiming the level for a hack. wink.png
  5. Zone: 0 forums open!

    06 September 2009 - 04:19 AM

    Hey there guys!

    If you're familiar with the online Sonic scene at all, you've probably heard of Zone: 0, which is notorious for being one of the most ridiculously in-depth and comprehensive Sonic-related websites on the web. Level walkthroughs, verbose level descriptions, strategy, trivia—the level of knowledge and organization you will see when browsing through this website is nothing short of phenomenal. If you haven't seen it before, I definitely suggest you check it out—you won't be disappointed!

    I've decided to make a little public service announcement as I've just discovered that LiQuidShade has recently set up a forum, which you can access by clicking this link. Given the reputation of the website, I have full confidence that the forums have the potential to flourish just as much as the main site and have enormous discussion value. If you like taking things back to the basics and talking about Sonic without too much external hassle and don't feel like doing it here for some reason (hey, I won't judge ;P) or just want another take on your thoughts an ideas, I strongly recommend helping this budding community grow and gracing it with your presence. You'll be doing a lot of good. smile.png

    And hey... if you do it, I'll give you a cookie! You like cookies, right? :D

    Thanks for helping out, guys! And thanks to Qjimbo for doing his part and spreading the word on SSRG as well. smile.png