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  1. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    23 May 2017 - 02:11 PM

    View PostDigitalDuck, on 23 May 2017 - 01:20 PM, said:

    We connected the level concepts to the level order in data, but how about the music too? Equating each zone with the song at (zone+1) in the sound test:

    0. Green Hill - Competition Results
    1. Ocean Wind - Emerald Hill
    2. Wood Zone - Mystic Cave 2P
    3. Sand Shower - Oil Ocean
    4. Metropolis - Metropolis
    5. Rock World? - Hill Top
    6. Tropical Plant? - Aquatic Ruin
    7. Hill Top - Casino Night 2P
    8. Olympus? - Casino Night
    9. Blue Lake? - Death Egg
    10. Oil Ocean - Mystic Cave
    11. Dust Hill - Emerald Hill 2P
    12. Casino Night - Sky Chase
    13. Chemical Plant - Chemical Plant
    14. Genocide City - Wing Fortress

    A few zones don't fit, but a surprising number do. Metropolis and Chemical Plant connect exactly, and most of the others fit reasonably well (though not all of them). It's interesting that Sand Shower lines up with the Oil Ocean music, and Dust Hill with the Emerald Hill 2P music.

    It's also worth noting that the very next track in the list is the unused track $10.

    Actually, the order of all the music in the sound test for Simon Wai is completely different than this. Some of them are even repeat tracks:

    80 - Nothing
    81 - Casino Night 2P VS (Oil Ocean)
    82 - Emerald Hill
    83 - Metropolis
    84 - Casino Night
    85 - Mystic Cave
    86 - Mystic Cave 2P VS (Hidden Palace)
    87 - Aquatic Ruin
    88 - Death Egg
    89 - Special Stage
    8A - Options
    8B - Options
    8C - Final Boss
    8D - Chemical Plant
    8E - Boss
    8F - Sky Chase (Level 09)
    90 - Oil Ocean (Desert/Level 03)
    91 - Oil Ocean (Desert/Level 03)
    92 - Wing Fortress
    93 - Emerald Hill 2P VS (Level 06)
    94 - Competition Results
    95 - Super Sonic
    96 - Hill Top
    97 - Hill Top
    98 - 1UP (Sonic 1)
    99 - Title (Sonic 1)
    9A - Act Complete (Sonic 1)
    9B - Game Over (Sonic 1)
    9C - Continue (Sonic 1)
    9E~9F - Chaos Emerald (Sonic 1)

    The only thing I can think of for the reason this order is that this is just the order when the sound data was initially added to the game. Some repeat tracks could've been placeholders for when new music was going to be added.
  2. In Topic: Hirokazu Yasuhara revealing all kinds of Sonic development stuff

    22 May 2017 - 10:44 PM

    Speaking of the internal zone order of Simon Wai, when you load up zone 03 (which is what the Desert zone would've occupied) in game it plays Oil Ocean's BGM.

    Listen to the BGM again while looking at this:
    Posted Image

    Yeah...did anyone point that out before? This would mean that Oil Ocean's music was originally meant for Sand Shower Zone the whole time.

    Coincidentally that would also explain why Oil Ocean in the prototype uses Casino Night's 2P VS track. If the Mystic Cave 2P VS track was supposed to be for Hidden Palace Zone the entire time, then what other 2P VS tracks were meant for cut zones?

    Zone 01 (Ocean Wind Zone) is still using Emerald Hill's music as well as the palette data when loaded, oddly enough.
  3. In Topic: This Song Sounds Like X

    15 May 2017 - 03:46 PM

    Was this ever posted before? If not, holy moly.


    Ironically, the same thing happened with the same demo song on Trolls 2.

    Now we know why the song was changed in the Game Gear version. :P
  4. In Topic: CR Sonic Arcade Machine For Sale On Yahoo Japan Auctions

    26 February 2017 - 12:04 PM

    Update on this.

    Unfortunately it seems the seller wasn't happy that the item wasn't getting enough bids to a price he was interested in letting it go for so he closed the auction to possibly sell privately. I don't know if there will be an attempt to contact the seller to negotiate a price but I'm hoping he will budge, but it seems unlikely.

    He might relist the game at a price he's more willing to let it go for, so keep an eye out and see if it appears again. If it does, contact me or the Dumping Union immediately ([email protected]).
  5. In Topic: Hidden Palace prototype releases

    25 February 2017 - 05:51 PM

    Posting for drx, but some more prototypes have been released today (especially since this was originally posted, heh).

    High Seas Havoc (Early prototype)
    Mickey Mania (Sep 1994 prototype)

    Posted Image

    The High Seas Havoc one is pretty interesting. It's early, but all the level designs are implemented save for the object layouts in most of them (even for the first level for some reason). It seems to be using a test object layout for the stages that lack object layouts, which you can see in the video for the first stage. There's also some palette changes too.

    Posted Image
    The Mickey Mania prototype is later than the one that was released years a go by SNEAKERS. I mentioned as many visible differences in comparison to the final by comparing the two ROMs together but I didn't play through the entire game. I do know that the level before the final boss works, and the final boss level itself lacks the actual boss even though the stage will load. It's missing that unused song from the earlier prototype, and it actually has a title screen this time (which looks different). Thankfully, level select is enabled by default in this build.

    Speaking of level select, I mentioned about a year a go that I discovered the level select code for the earlier build on the talk page of the article. As it turns out, the code was changed so that it would be impossible to normally access the level select even if the correct method for accessing it were used. So I had to write a Game Genie code to access it.

    Mickey Mania (Jul 1994 prototype)

    The Game Genie code is RECA-E6WC for those that wanna try it. I mirrored the build on HPZ and added a reference to the TCRF article as well. I figured out a possible 'date' for this ROM by looking at the timestamps on the original scene release and was surprised to discover it was packaged in early August of 1994. So the ROM itself could be from July. The date for the build released today was determined by the month/year in the header (which happens to be SEP/94, whereas the final is OCT/94 I think). So I'd imagine that the date for it is closer to the beginning of September or last weeks of August.

    Coincidentally, I noticed that the Mickey Mania prototype released by drx back in 2011 for the Sega CD is timestamped to the last week of August in 1994, still before the release of the game and the final build date as well. I noticed that the prototype for the Sega CD shared some similarities with the prototype released today for the Mega Drive, mainly in the text changes. The only big difference is that the final boss is actually implemented in the Sega CD prototype, but isn't in the Mega drive one released today.

    (Also in case anyone missed it, even though it's not Sega related, some Lion King SNES prototypes were released earlier this month as well)