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  1. In Topic: More Sega Channel prototypes dumped.

    Today, 12:54 PM

    View Postevilhamwizard, on Yesterday, 09:49 PM, said:

    Garfield's not there, but we know the file name and that you could only play three levels. If the file name is a build date (1220) it was built after the actual retail release, interestingly enough (since it was assumed it was just a prototype version of the original, but this seems to imply that this was built specifically for Sega Channel).

    "Garfield: The Lost Levels" is listed as one of the Sega Channel releases lost to time, and judging by its name, yeah, it would have been released after the full game.

    Incidentally the game has a really strange history. We were meant to get a 32X version at some stage, and the PC release is a bit unusual too from what I gather. They even seem to have struggled to decide on a final name - "Garfield: Caught in the Act", "Garfield in TV Land" and plain old "Garfield" were all used to describe all three versions, and obvious prototypes were sent out as review copies. It seems like the sort of game that had a turbulent history to say the least.

    By the way I know people get giddy about what the ROMs say, but we do have a (partially) completed list of the actual Sega Channel US schedule from the consumer side, which will fill in some blanks. I'm hoping those many menus in this pack will shed some light on the rest of the schedule.
  2. In Topic: More Sega Channel prototypes dumped.

    Today, 11:42 AM

    There's some really weird stuff in that RAR file. Those look like graphics programs for Commander Keen - are we sure all these disks are from Sega?
  3. In Topic: The Supreme Topic of 'Other' Knowledge.

    Yesterday, 03:56 PM

    This is exactly how I expected "classic" EGM to be. A bunch of confused middle-aged men completely out of their depth.

    I am relatively confident this is after March 1991. At one point you can see a bit the April 1991 edition of EGM on camera, which means we're talking April/May at the earliest. You could probably work out if any of those photos actually made it into the magazine if you were so inclined.

    There's nothing in that second video to suggest it isn't the final version's demo on a loop. It's actually the Japanese revision with the scrolling Green Hill Zone clouds, so we may even be talking post-release here.

    Always interesting though. Good to see EGM had their priorities straight by recording people taking photos, rather than... idk... games or something.
  4. In Topic: Sega Forever

    26 June 2017 - 02:47 PM

    Even if it was a low-end device, there are potatos with enough processing power to run Mega Drive games. It's 30 year old technology.
  5. In Topic: Sega Forever

    25 June 2017 - 07:22 AM

    The other question to consider is why Altered Beast is a 161MB download on iOS. The ROM itself being 512kB.

    This is apparently nearly three times the size of its Android counterpart. What is it doing?