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Best means to go about structuring data when making a hacking utility? Another one of my dumbassed questions.

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Posted 01 February 2019 - 01:17 PM

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For a while I have been reverse engineering (or rather, trying to anyways) Konami's DDR series. I feel like I have enough information where I can make a multipurpose utility (think equivalent to what GerbilSoft's Sonic Hacking Wiz Pro, or Esrael's ESE/ESEII was for Sonic games in the early-mid 2000s ... *nostalgic sigh* ... only for the Playstation2 DDR mixes).

One thing that I am struggling with is the best way to handle/manage the data for different games, as this utility will support multiple games starting with support for Playstation2 games. My problem comes specifically with managing the different places where the editor will look for data to edit within different parts of the program (coordinates for object positioning, color palettes for songwheel slot text on the music select screen, etc), Playstation2 games pre-SuperNOVA using largely the same engine only with data in different addresses (and features being added and / or removed in different mixes - beginner mode added to the U.S version of MAX2, Marvelous timing added in EXTREME, etc), SuperNOVA seeming to use a newer version of the engine. Also, EVENTUALLY (as my research continues) I would like to add support for Playstation1 mixes, and older arcade mixes (bemani system573 games)

I feel overwhelmed, and I probably shouldn't be. ~_~
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